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5 Upgrades to Bring Your Home Up to Date

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Bring your home is not unusual to find yourself in a situation where you want your home to look more youthful and modern. Many live in houses built years ago that need to have the vision the current homeowner is going for. Therefore, it is common to come across people looking to spruce up their living spaces without necessarily breaking the bank.

Here are five ways to upgrade your home and get features that can bring it up to date.

1. Install new lighting fixtures in your home

It is essential to know that proper lighting can change the whole view of the house and bring it to life. Lighting can make your space look crowded and cramped. Fitting lamps at dark corners and rooms can drastically improve your area’s appearance. You can also remove the outdated bulbs and chandeliers that come with most houses and look for more fun lighting fixtures that fit your style and aesthetic.

2. Change up your cabinetry and doors.

Worn-out and old-fashioned cabinets have a way of making your bathroom and kitchen look quite outdated. You can find solutions such as drawer pulls, handles, door thresholds, and saddles that will change your living space and give you that modern, timely feel. There are many contemporary finishes that you could go with, such as stainless steel, rose gold, matte black, marble, or even space gray. You can find multiple options while still staying within your budget.

3. Create an open floor space

As you can already tell, many people go for homes with an open floor plan. If you are not looking to renovate your entire house, you might be wondering how you will be able to achieve a similar design. You can start by removing some bulkier furniture forms in place. The traditional dining rooms have been going out of style. You can therefore find a way of changing up the room and making it a home office, a den, or a workout room, or you can try removing elements that might make bring your home more stuffed for a chic new look.

Suppose you are not looking to remove any furniture. In that case, you can consider painting them a warm, ideally off-white color which gives the illusion of them “disappearing” into the walls making the eye see the room as more open and airy. 

4. Change up your window treatments.

Many people believe that leaving your window frames open will make your home look more spacious. This is, however, different. Window frames provide an overlooked canvas for decorating that will give your home that stylish feel. You can find a way to dress your windows to suit your ideal taste. Matching your curtains to your walls is an excellent way of going with a look that matches your house aesthetic if you consider yourself more of a minimalist. You could also choose to go with bold and extravagant geometric colors that give the illusion of an accent wall using your windows. You can also make your windows look bigger by adding a new apron and molding.

5. Add removable wallpaper

What are you thinking? And no, this is not Grandma’s old wallpaper with a teddy bear pattern. Multiple new removable wallpapers have chic and modern designs in graphics and prints. These unique designs will make people think you spent a fortune with an interior designer. Since wallpaper is a cheaper and less tedious alternative to painting the entire house, you can opt to use it in every room. Alternatively, by sparingly utilizing the wallpaper, you can test your creativity by adding accent walls throughout your home. And the great thing about them is that you will be able to remove them quickly and not ruin your walls. 


There are multiple ways to upgrade your home without the hassle and expense of a complete renovation. All these updates are a great way of renewing your sense of style for a modern home.


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