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5 Updates For Your Website That Can Improve Your SEO

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To maintain a proper online presence your business needs a website. It’s one of the ways for it and you to gain critical success. However, it isn’t only a place to build a customer list and increase revenue. It’s a location for you to be seen.

It does the last through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is the practice of generating the right content to move your website higher on sites like Bing and Google. Not everyone knows how to do this. So, to help you, here are 5 updates for your website that can improve your SEO.

1. Bring in an Outside Administrator

In some cases, your website doesn’t garner proper SEO because you’re too close to it. Though there are items that need to be adjusted, you don’t want to do it. You feel it hampers your creativity.

This situation requires another pair of eyes in the form of an outside administrator. Those in the tristate area might select New York City Managed IT Services Provider Netsurit for this operation. These organizations have subject matter experts who know the right ways to improve your SEO. They don’t keep them secret, either. They let you know what they did for future adjustments.

2. Add a Metadata Description to Improve Your SEO

Between heading tags on your website is a space to add information about each page. This description is called metadata. Usually, this is automatically added through the provider used. However, in cases where you build the website from scratch, it’s important to review the metadata.

Forms of this type of description include:

  • Title metadata — The most important description, it’s displayed at the top of a browser window. It’s also the headline within search engine results.
  • Description metadata — a concise and appealing description, usually two full sentences, of what the page contains. The goal is to encourage people to access the site.
  • Keyword metadata — Three to seven keyword phrases that consist of four words maximum.

3. Generate Relevant Content

Adding the right metadata to your website is fine. Yet, it can’t improve your SEO much if there’s a lack of relevant information to go with it. Thus, you need to regularly include this.

It doesn’t mean you need to produce daily blogs or change the design of the website every month. Generally, you want to create content that caters to your desired audience. So, if your goal is to sell widgets, blogs and other data should be related in some way to that subject. You shouldn’t focus on political rants or trolling other products.

4. Add Backlinks to Improve Your SEO

A website with well-written relevant content is great. Nevertheless, if you don’t have anything to back up the claims you post about you end up losing some of your credibility. Hence, the reason you want to add backlinks.

Simply put, backlinks are URLs that link back to a reference site. Yes, this is free advertising for the other page. However, it’s an advantage for both of you, as long as the other side isn’t a competitor.

Most likely, the owner of the other site checks to see where people are visiting from. If they see it’s from your website, then they might decide to work with you further. In turn, the SEO of both locations can improve.

5. Add Alt Tags

Lookup a word in a dictionary. There’s a good chance it has a primary definition and an alternative description. This is the same concept utilized in a website’s alt tags.

This data allows search engines to locate your page through different methods. This is crucial, particularly for those who utilize text-only browsers. Though they can be used for backlinks, alt tags are generally applied for images, videos, and audio media.

These 5 updates for your website are a small sample of ways you can improve your SEO. In the end, it takes patience and time out of your comfort zone to understand and implement them. Furthermore, it may require some extra work to get the site up to snuff.

Don’t try to do everything at once. That will simply cause frustration. Instead, start with one task, perhaps a metadata review. When that’s done, review this list to find determine the next item to enhance to improve your SEO.


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