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5 Types of Material Handling Equipment You Should Know Today!

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You might have heard the phrase that “ there’s a tool for every job” 

This phrase sits the best when it comes to material handling systems. 

The businesses of this modern age should acquire material handling software to enhance productivity, sustainability, profitability, accuracy, and efficiency. It facilitates enterprises with several aspects. Hence developing a better understanding of material handling technology is crucial. 

Let’s understand the fundamentals of material handling before digging down into its types. 

What is Material Handling? 

Material handling is a fancy term for handling material and goods within your warehouse, storage area, or facility premises. Material handling can be classified into storage, protection, movement, control of materials and products within your facility. Material handling equipment makes material handling effortless. It makes activities such as retrieving goods from storage to be shipped out., palletizing goods, loading and unloading goods, and other similar activities easier with the help of material handling automation

Why Material Handling Technology is Crucial For Warehouses? 

Acquisition of material handling solutions is crucial for the success of your warehouse. We are currently living in an era where automation is the new normal. Proper material handling systems help in preventing accidents. They also help in enhancing the overall efficiency of your facility, store, or warehouse. Automated material handling improves the customer service facilities by making products easier to find, move and ship out. Moreover, material handling automation reduces the amount of time spent moving products. It also reduces the produced damage with proper product transportation. 

Hence, the proper material handling protocol is the key when it comes to preventing accidental damages and maximizing the efficiency of your loading dock. 

What are Different Types of Material Handling Equipment? 

Material handling equipment helps you to move, protect, move, store or control the material. Material handling solutions have five major categories, including different useful equipment that moves heavy material easily.

Safety Products 

Safety products are products that aim to prevent employee injury or property damage. Safety products include overhead door track guards, gas cylinder cages, and safety bollards. They are designed to enhance the safety protocols of your facility. 

Forklift Attachments

Forklift attachments are the accessories that are attached to the forklift to move products easily. It includes forklift forks, drum handlers, carpet poles, etc. they are designed to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the warehouse. 

Dock Equipment 

It includes equipment that helps load and unloads trucks that back up to your warehouse’s loading dock.  It includes equipment such as dock levelers, dock plates, dock boards, and dock bumpers. Dockmequipemnt is designed for the protection of your employees and dock as they transport heavy products.

Safety Baskets 

Safety baskets are the metal baskets that lifts employees or products higher in the air within the worksite. Safety baskets include material baskets and rescue baskets. It also includes man baskets for cranes, construction, and forklift. They are built and tested to meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards for the safety of employees working in the warehouse. 

Order Pickers 

Order pickers are the useful equipment that employees of the warehouse used for the navigation of the warehouse to pick products for order. Order pickers include stock pickers and order pickers that can be customized according to the size of your warehouse isle. 

Choose a Material Handling Technology  That You Can Trust 

All the material handling solution providers are not equal, neither there’s one size fits all. Businesses should rely on such material handling automation that fulfills all of their mandatory requirements. You are working with experts when you work with MWI Solutions. Their agenda is not just selling products. They ensure that your material handling procedures and equipment are appropriate for your business.  Their product InterSort serves the purpose of order management system, warehouse management system, and warehouse control system. 

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