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5 Tips You Must Consider on Nando’s order online

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Ordering takeaway is a strenuous task, talking decision-making-wise. What to buy, how long will it take, will I enjoy the food…these are only some questions you need to answer before placing an order. Now, let us propose you want to order from Nando’s online. We are here to share five tips to combat your problem and make the process easier.

See if there are some coupons or discount codes you can use

Many host websites (sites other than Nando’s official website, such as Zomato or MenuPages) offer a lot of schemes. This can be anything ranging from different discounts to meal combos with reduced prices, to seasonal offers on specific occasions such as Eid or Christmas. Regardless, there are innumerable schemes available for you to redeem at any point in time, so it would be good practice to check for them when proceeding to make your payment.

Decide what you want to order beforehand

After coming home from a long day at work, there’s nothing you want to do more than relax and eat delectable takeout. Perhaps open Nando’s menu and place your order in the last half an hour of your shift – your food will arrive by the time you’re done, and you can dig into your PERi-PERi chicken without waiting.

Give clear delivery instructions

There’s nothing worse than tracking your order on your phone, the anticipation building up as the restaurant dispatches the delivery, only to realize that there’s been a mistake with the address. This can frustrate even at the best of times, and to provide a smooth transition both, for yourself as well as the person who is delivering your order, give clear delivery instructions. This includes double-checking if you have typed in the correct address, seeing if there are any notable landmarks nearby to act as a guide and even coordinating with the person delivering your food via text or call.

Ask for Chef’s Special Meal

Many restaurants have a chef’s special meal, which is oftentimes indicated on their menu – a chef’s special is essentially a signature dish that is well-loved by customers, which shows its good quality. This saves you the time and trouble of deciding what you want to order on your own and places a level of confidence in your order. Alternatively, checking online for restaurant reviews would be a good idea too, for the same reasons.

Try getting a Nando’s card

After you get your Nando’s card, you will get a certain number of points on the card, and after you have accumulated a set amount, you can use these points to place a free order.

Enter a valid Nando’s card number before checking out online, and you’ll earn Chilli Points (which may take a few days to appear in your account). You can redeem awards from these cards as per the specifications of the website. Point collection is a slow and steady race, but in the end, the benefits will for sure be more than satisfactory.

We hope this list was helpful to you, and keep these in mind when you order from Nando’s online in the future! 


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