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5 Tips To Select A Best Antique Door For Home Entry

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Are you looking for the perfect front door for your house? The choices are aplenty. And if you are spending ample time figuring it out, you should. The front door is more than a gateway to the house. The door protects its inhabitants from possible intruders and harsh weather. If you like heritage or the old charm, you may have considered antique doors as an option. But how do you go about it? What is it that you need to look for?

Style of the Door

Are you looking for doors made of wood or steel? Will they be glazed or solid? Will they be plain or have carved door panels?  Will they be styled according to a particular time – Victorian, Neoclassical, or Colonial? Don’t let these choices overwhelm you. These options laid out here will help you make the best choice for your home. Dive into the various styles and select a door that will blend with the aesthetics of your house. 

While there is a lot of flexibility for a new house, you can get a bit flustered while working with a renovated home. But worry not, you still have many options- ranging from the sturdy, lovely golden Oak doors to hardwood Mahogany from Georgian townhouses.  

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Size of the Door

Do not underestimate the importance of accurate measurement when looking for doors. A beautiful intricately carved door is worthless if you have an oversized door frame. While slight adjustments will help the door fit into the frame, remember that heavy adjustments will not be possible. Always seek doors with your door frame in mind, so it does not become a task later on. A cut here, a trim there might fit the door into the frame. But you might lose out on the original design or have to compromise on the integrity of the door. 

One great tip is to carry the building plan with you while you go shopping. Doing this eliminates guesswork and helps the vendor identify the correct sizes for you. Make sure you make the door choice at the beginning of the planning stage, so your planners will have the freedom to work around the door instead of trying to squeeze it in later. 

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Door Condition

You can get lost in the charm of the antique and not see the woodworms lurking inside. Make sure you check for worms, termites, or other insects that can ruin your door. Other things to watch out for are bends or twists that can make assembly and use difficult. Antique doors are often subjected to long-term use, so it’s pertinent to watch out for any deformities before you make the purchase. 

Ease of Upgrade and Repair

There are some points to consider when you reclaim an antique door. First, you need to understand that these antique doors would have been used for a long time, perhaps for a few decades. This can cause sagging that needs to be addressed through re-squaring, and the doors have to be fit enough to handle that.  Second, it has to withstand door patching. This ensures that any gaps or holes left by any piece on the door are filled. 

Make sure you identify antique doors that are easy to work on if you are keen on modifications. It should be adaptable to waxing, polishing, painting, or staining, depending on your needs. Research and find answers to questions about installing the door, what kind of hinges to purchase, details about pre-hung doors, etc., before you buy an antique door. 

Paint or Leave it Looking Original

So now you have chosen the door and brought it home. The next step. Do you paint it? If so, which colour. Generally, antique doors look best when left as is. After all, you’re aiming for the antique look, right? However, it is helpful to keep these tips in mind. If you have chosen an Oak door, a simple coat of wax or oil should be enough to make it look spectacular. For the Mahogany, a dark stain or wax should do the job. For Pine doors, though, its porous characteristic makes it versatile, giving you the option to paint it with colours of your choice. 

Final Thoughts

It might seem like a long and tiring process but remember to enjoy your journey. Each antique door has bundles of memories in it, and you are the vessel taking it to the next generation. There will be times when you stumble across pieces of history that you’ll somehow want to incorporate in your door, but size will not let you. Still, you can somehow incorporate them in your house using creative ways to do so. 


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