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5 Tips to have the right profile picture on social media

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When it comes to social media, everyone wants to put their best foot forward. Our social media accounts represent us and what we stand for and therefore all of us put a lot of thought into our social media profile picture. It is human nature to want our profile picture on social media to be perfect in every way. So here are a few tips to click that perfect profile picture.

Find the perfect lighting

Taking a picture outside of a studio is not difficult as long as the lighting is correct. Taking photos in natural is best because it naturally highlights your features without making it appear artificial. Try clicking photos during sunset and sunrise; these times add extra beauty to your photos.If you’re at home, try and find a space that receives natural light and capture yourself there with your smartphone. Get creative with the amount of light in your picture.

Find the angle that suits you best

It might take a few experiments to find the camera angle that makes you appear better. Therefore, don’t be afraid to experiment with camera angles. They give the photos a fresh look just by changing perspective. A photo can be given a fresh look just by changing the camera angle. A good camera angle can make your profile picture stand out, more eye catching and more interesting which will ultimately generate more followers. So next time, try clicking a picture from above or below to see how it works out.

Use grid lines

The theory of grid lines is based on the rule of thirds which basically suggests that the focus of any photo should be placed on the intersections of the grid lines. So irrespective of your TikTok profile picture dimensions, if you click a picture with your face on one of the grid intersections then your profile picture will look balanced and allow greater viewer interaction.You can enable grid lines on your camera or smartphone and disable it when you don’t need it.

Try candid

Posing for pictures is fine but candid pictures have a charm of their own. Candid pictures show the natural more genuine side of you and tend to attract more viewers. There is nothing more attractive than a natural smile, a natural surprise and natural expressions. Genuine, simple and best. Try putting up your candid pictures as a profile picture on social media to gain more followers.

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Don’t over edit

It is natural to want to edit your pictures a bit so that it stands out. But you must keep in mind that overediting a picture may appear cool but it actually spoils the picture.It can sometimes turn off viewers and reduce engagement on your account. So don’t be upset if your picture is flawed, don’t over edit to hide it. People like honesty and authenticity. You can edit your photos slightly by using several apps such as snapseed, photoshop and VSCO.


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