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5 Tips To Choose Right Fabric For Your Crafting Project

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When it comes to starting a new sewing project, then the most important thing that you need to consider is a type of fabric. Choosing the right fabric plays an important role to ensure the good quality of the end project. In this guide, you will get to know the important factors you need to consider while choosing fabric for the project. We recommend you to check out the moda fabric collections and choose the right styles and right quality fabric for your project. Read the below-given points and learn how to choose the right fabric for the sewing project:

1. Pay Attention To The Pattern  

There are different types of fabrics available in the market. We recommend you pay attention to the fabric pattern before selecting one. Choose the fabric pattern based on your project demands and needs. Think about the different fabric patterns which will suit your project. Randomly choosing any type of fabric will affect the quality of your fabric. To choose the right type of fabric for the project, we recommend you to read the pros and cons of the different types of fabrics so that you can reach the right conclusion.

2. Check Level of Difficulty

When it comes to sewing, the different fabrics have a different levels of difficulty. Thus, it is a good idea to check the sewing difficulty level of every fabric. Choosing the wrong fabric may make it difficult for you to bring your ideas into reality. Therefore, knowing which fabric to choose and which to avoid will help in improving your experience while working on a new crafting project.

We recommend avoiding silk and satin, especially if you are doing this type of project for the first time. It is tempting to work with silk and satin because these types of fabrics are beautiful. But, working on these types of projects is very difficult. Though it is a good idea to work with silky fabric, not to start with these. Also, avoid working with denim because it is also difficult to sew denim because of its hard pattern. If you are a beginner, then we recommend you to start with cotton fabric because they are easy to sew, cut out and these fabrics are versatile as well. Check out the mode fabric outlet for top-notch cotton fabric. 

3. Check Strength of Fabric

If you want to see a good quality result then we recommend you check the strength of the fabric. The strength of fabric required is based on the project on which you are working.

If you are designing clothes, then durability is one of the biggest concerns. Our clothes go through a lot of wear and tear. Thus, you should choose a fabric that can handle a lot of washes and look like a new one. We recommend you choose the right fabric so that the sewing project results in qualitative output. The moda fabric designers create the best quality fabric for clients and we recommend you to check out its fabric quality.

4. Your Project Type

The most important thing to consider while choosing fabric for your project is your project type. Just like the frequency of using garments affects the choice of fabric. Similarly, the type of project on which you are working also affects the choice of fabric. For instance, if you want to create a pullover for winter, then the fabric should be flannel or wool. On the other hand, that clothing for the summer season should be made up of cotton or breathable fabric.

Fabrics are not just required for creating garments, but various household things also need different types of fabric. For instance, quilting fabric is different wearables. Upholstery and interior fabric are different from others because their uses are different. Thus, while working on any sewing project, you should choose a fabric that matches your project.

5. Pattern Sizes

The most important thing which we need to consider while buying fabric for the sewing project is patterned fabric. It will add an extra flair to the project which is not usually offered by solid-colored fabrics. But if you match the patterns properly, then the results of the sewing project will not be visually appealing.

It is a good idea to start with a large pattern fabric. You can easily match the large patterned fabric because they are not very much intricate. Once you gain experience working with a large pattern, then you can move further with an intricate design. If you are not good at the matching pattern, then you can go with solid color fabric. Many projects with solid fabric have shown amazing results in the market. There is no rush to choose the patterned fabric immediately. Moda fabric ranges offer different styles and patterns of fabric. Check it out now. 

Final Words

To ensure good quality of end project, you should invest in the right quality raw material. In the sewing project, the raw material is fabric and thread. Invest in top-notch fabric to enjoy good results. While choosing the right quality fabric, you can consider the above-mentioned tips.


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