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5 tips of relocation to a temporary place in Maastricht

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Are you moving to Maastricht for work? Or are you between houses, where the lease of your previous house is over and you’re yet to get possession of the new one? Then you must be looking for temporary housing options. Lucky for you, Maastricht has a lot of those. We’ve got a few important tips noted down to make your transition easier.

  • Consult a broker

It is best to take the help of someone who knows better. Consulting a broker in this scenario is a good idea because brokers know way more about real estate than we might know. You may be sitting in some other part of the city or another city or state entirely looking for a temporary place in Maastricht. Brokers on the other hand, would be from Maastricht, giving you the best of options that suit your budget.

  • Find out about different types of temporary housing

There are a lot of options in temporary housing. Most people don’t know about them and end up making the wrong choice. If you know your options well in advance then it gets easier to choose according to your needs and preference. There are mainly 4 types of places for temporary residence:

  1. Corporate housing or hostels–These are specifically for people who have travelled to Maastricht for work. Usually the company arranges such corporate housing facilities for the employees. Travelling businessmen make the most of it.
  2. Vacation hotels – There are property owners who give their places on lease through websites such as AirBnb, HomeAway, etc. You can contact the owners directly through these sites and discuss further by letting them know the duration of your stay.
  3. Short term rental places – These are proper and sometimes furnished apartments that you can rent for really short periods. The catch with these is that the shorter the duration of your stay, the higher the rent will be.
  4. PG hostels – If you have a tight budget, then sharing a temporary place with someone is a good option. Paying guest hostels offer this facility.
  5. Plan your budget accordingly

You will have to plan your budget in advance so you don’t end up spending too much after relocating. Different accommodations cost differently. Know how much you’re prepared to be spending. If you hire a broker, then he will have to be paid his share as well. Plus your living and travelling expenses there, all will have to be taken into consideration. Hire a good verhuisbedrijf Maastricht for easier travel.

  • Check for rules to allow the stay of families and pets

If you’re relocating alone there things might be easy actually. But if you have your family or pets with you, then you may have to confirm with the temporary housing place. Some places are okay with pets, but some have serious rules against them. Also, you can’t be staying in a PG setting with a family. So it is better to get all this checked and confirmed with your broker beforehand.

  • Look for a permanent place soon

If your stay extends, or if you plan to live there for much longer than you planned, and by longer we mean at least a few years to come, then you should start looking for a permanent place soon. With temporary places, the problem is that you need to keep renewing the lease. For a permanent stay, you can get rid of that hassle then by looking for a permanent place.

If you’re moving to Maastricht from another country or state temporarily, then make sure you get a trusted broker to deal with all the formalities as you might not be knowing much about the laws and rules there. So find out in advance, plan well and then get started with the relocation process.


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