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5 Tips for Hair Transplantation Surgery

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Hair translation process is a very fast channel in Aesthetic Surgery which is associated with the techniques under regular improvements to cover the scalp of bald areas. The Follicular Unit Grafts (FUG) have converted work into better. Its results provide the capacity for people to cover baldness by surgery. The main objectives of it are the identification of anatomical structures, contraindications and indications of it. It explains appearance, arrangement and technique for it.

5 Tips for Hair Transplantation Surgery

There are some effective treatments for hairs falling but in future hairs can’t fall. That’s why people use hair transplantation. It has many advantages like better natural results for the patient. Many doctors can perform this procedure easily.

There are some major tips which are necessary for the transplantation of hairs;

   First Tip.

The whole process is done under anesthesia. Anesthesia means sleeping on the skin where the transplantation surgery is going to be done. Sleeping is very important for the transplantation of hairs because without anesthesia a patient feels too much pain during cutting or grafting. To avoid this missed easier process is important.

    Second Tip.

The hairs are cut in length 1-2 mm. This small cutting of hairs is important and it is the second major tip for transplantation. These hairs are used for grafting and further growing naturally. To perform this action, a micromotor system is necessary for harvesting the follicles. After harvesting, these are stored for a short time.

             Third Tip.

Punches are chosen by diameter of the follicles range between 0.8-1.2 mm. Follicles harvesting are handled in supine position. By a sharp punch attached to the moved system, the follicle was detached by the surrounding tissue 3-4 mm in depth=deep.

   Fourth Tip.

The Temporooccipital region is used as a donor site. The fourth one is this selection of the region where the hairs are healthy. So, the temporo-occipital region is selected for cutting the hairs from the donor area. After selecting that area is converted under anaesthesia

  Fifth Tip.

The harvested grafts are aligned in the petri dishes under cooled saline having temperature about 4°C. A dressing bandage is manufactured by sterile saline coated gauze of the donor area and the patient is turned to the supine position.


In 2014, hair transplant surgery was carried out in 207 patients. The patients having beard, moustache, multisession and female patients are not included. The harvested grafts out of the scalp are also not evaluated.

After the entire implantation was established, the patient is dressed by antibiotic coated, moisturized gauze to both donor and recipient areas that were removed 3 days later at which the first hair washing would also be carried out. The patients were recommended to have their first hair-cut 15 days later.

In the latest Fue hair transplant technology, hair surgery has many choices for people but mostly easy techniques are used for it. So, it is very necessary to make a team. Due to the complexities of it a single doctor can’t do it. Everything is performed very carefully to protect from infections. A comfortable ambience in the operating room and use of audio-visual entertainment break the monotony, both for the patient and the surgical team. 


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