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5 things your boss expects you to know about 3d virtual tours

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Virtual tours have become more popular nowadays because of the quarantines imposed in different parts of the world. This is because a 3D virtual tour is serving as a digital alternative to visiting a location in real life. Famous tourist destinations are now using virtual tours to give their audience a glimpse of the place. This is so through VR tour technologies, they can still pique their interest to come and visit once it is allowed to travel.

Apart from the tourism industry, many businesses are now hiring 3D virtual tour creators to help them create a VR tour. Because of the demand for virtual tours in this period, many digital companies are looking to hire people who can help them create virtual tours. If you are thinking of working in the 3D virtual tour industry, here are the 5 things your boss will probably expect you to know about VR tour creation.

#1 – Quality pictures are important in a 3D virtual tour

A 3D virtual tour is composed of images that are edited together to create a panoramic digital experience of a certain location. For that reason, high-quality images are important in a VR tour. That is why if you are planning to work in a 3D virtual tour company, it is essential that you have photography skills. You must know how to find the right angles in a location that will be included in the VR tour. It is also necessary to know what required images will be inserted into the virtual tour. Thus, it is a must that you know what kind of pictures are needed for a 3D virtual tour.

#2 – Cameras are not the only equipment used to take VR tour images

A camera is the most important tool when it comes to creating a VR tour. However, that is not the only photography equipment that you need in order to create a 3D virtuals tours. A tripod is very important in finding the right level for taking pictures. In addition, remote-controlled cameras are highly recommended in creating virtual tours. This is because this type of camera can help avoid capturing the photographer during the recording. Thus, it is important that an aspiring VR tour creator knows how to work equipment used in 3D virtuals tours making.

#3 – Photo editing skills are vital in creating a 3D virtual tour

Photography skills are only some of the skills expected by your boss that you will have. Photo editing skill is another skill that is very crucial when it comes to creating a VR tour. Inevitable mishaps can occur during the 3D virtual tours photoshoot. There can be not enough lighting from the sun or the shadow is just too noticeable. Furthermore, there might be some distracting elements in the pictures that you might have not noticed before. These issues can only be fixed by editing the images. Thus, it is important that a VR tour creator knows advanced photo editing techniques to fix these imperfections.

#4 – There are many VR tour platforms but you can only use one

There are plenty of 3D virtual tour platforms available online that you can use. There is Google VR tour creator, Make VT, 3D Vista, and Matterport just to name a few. All of these platforms have unique features that can ease the task of creating a VR tour. Although you can only use one of these platforms to create a 3D virtual tours, it is still a must that you know how to use more than one VR tour software.

#5 – A simple virtual tour is not enough

Creating a 3D virtual tour is becoming more common nowadays. That is why a simple VR tour with easy navigation is not enough. The most advanced virtual tours are now incorporating other multimedia elements in their VR tour. Aside from text descriptions, you can hear narration audios that serve as a virtual tour guide. You can also see some animations and even videos playing in the 3D virtual tour. In order to stand out among other VR tour competitors, learning these advanced 3D virtual tours features is a must.

Start working for a virtual tour company

Those are the five things that will be expected by your future employer that you should know about virtual tours. Although it is not necessary that you know all of the skills mentioned, it is important that you understand how vital these skills are in creating a high-quality VR tour.


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