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5 things you Need to Know About Pakistani Wedding Dresses Shopping

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If you’re planning a Pakistani or a Pakistani-style wedding, you will need a suitable wedding Dresses. Today there are many online boutiques for you to browse for authentic Pakistani Wedding Dresses, or if you are lucky, you can shop in the country. Here are five things you should know when shopping for Pakistani wedding dresses.

Don’t use social media.

If you go online and log onto Instagram or Pinterest, there’s no end to the images you can find of the ideal Pakistani Wedding Dresses. You might think you have hit the jackpot, but those images are different from what you will find.

You might spend hours looking at dresses online and shortlisting the styles you want, but it’s unlikely you will find them in the shop. It will frustrate yourself. Instead, go to the shops with an open mind.

Lie about the date

We were raised to understand that lying is never good and that you must always tell the truth. This is usually the case, but only sometimes, especially not when shopping for your Pakistani wedding dress. If you’re too truthful, there might be a delay in your dress.

Often there is a delay in making the dress, and there is no guarantee it will arrive in time for fitting. There’s no point in cutting things close, so tell the designers your wedding date is much closer than the actual date. This means you can fit your dress in plenty of time.

Don’t follow reviews.

Normally people look to reviews and word of mouth to get an idea of which Pakistani Wedding dress designers are good and which aren’t, but when it comes to wedding dresses, shipping reviews are only sometimes suitable. One person might have an excellent experience and another one dreadful with the same designer.

Acquiring a Pakistani wedding dress is a personal and subjective experience that you can’t always predict if it will work for someone else. The best advice is to follow your style ideas and judge if the designer has the right idea for you.

You can’t try samples.

One thing you will find when you go shopping for Pakistani wedding dresses is that you need to try on samples. In an English boutique, this is normal. You would expect to try on the dress for size and appearance – not in Pakistan.

Instead, the custom is to pin the dress on the bride to see how it looks, but the sizes of Pakistani dresses are often smaller than what you would expect for an English bride, so not very helpful.

Expect heavy Dresses

Unlike English wedding dresses, Pakistani ones are heavy and covered with decoration, and the lehengas take up lots of space, so transporting them can be a challenge. Consider this whether you are bringing them back from the shop or shipping them overseas, you will need one dedicated suitcase for your Pakistani wedding dresses.


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