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5 things that’ll change the Online Quran Tajweed industry for the better

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No one ever wondered that learning will become that easy, people will sit in their homes, and they will learn Quran with Tajweed. Allah the merciful has chosen this book for Muslims, and it is now our responsibility to recite and learn this book correctly. As it has benefitted many people, but on the other hand it also has some negative aspects. Some people have internet problems and some cannot understand what the tutor is saying.

Quran Tajweed online learning has the accessibility of time and place. Tutors can deliver their work most efficiently, but the difficulty is that nobody can focus on the screen for a long time. Screen light weak our eyesight. Also, you cannot manage screen time. It has helped many people, but many people are also in trouble. Some students minimize their tutor and play games when their mother is not with them, and they miss many important points of Tajweed.

Following are the things that’ll change the Online Quran Tajweed industry:

One on one learning:

This quality is for those children who are shy and cannot do work and answer in front of their other mates. In online Quran Tajweed learning, this quality should be included. As Covid-19 has changed the atmosphere and Madrassas are closed, kids have joined online classes. One and one learning process is very better because the tutor has to focus on one person and he can teach him/her in a better way. Also, the student cannot do such things as minimizing the screen, etc but he has to focus on his work. It helps students to learn Quran Tajweed rules and to learn Quran word by word.

Qualified and experienced faculty:

Tutors should boost their confidence by not scolding them for their mistakes. Qualified tutors should be kept in online Quran learning. The tutor should know the Quran Tajweed online well, and he can teach his/her students. They should influence students in understanding the Quran. In Tajweed, you don’t only have to focus on pronunciation but understanding Quran is also a must. Tajweed has rules and for teaching those rules qualified teachers are necessary. Tutors must motivate their students. They should set a friendly environment with their students then people will prefer online learning Tajweed rather than going to Madrassas. Quran is the guider of Muslims. So it must be learned in a better way.

Discussion class:

Discussion classes should also be included in the online learning Tajweed. There is a specific time of the class and after that class has ended. Discussion class will help students in removing their confusion; they can ask questions from their tutor in this class. It is a tool to be used in the class. Discussion increases student’s interest. You allow the student to ask you everything about the work. This is a practice in which students and tutors interact with each other. In which also develops student speaking skills. It helps the student to speak confidently. It also helps in boosting student’s confidence.

Class duration:

Mostly class duration is about 30 minutes, but some tutor takes a class for about 1. Or 2 hours by which kids lose interest in their work. When kids or even adults study for many hours, they get bored, and cannot accommodate more knowledge in their brains. 30 minutes are enough for anyone to take a class. Picking power becomes low when the time duration is more than 30 minutes. Energy becomes low, and you cannot sit more to learn Tajweed. Tajweed online is a hard task to do. Quran Tajweed online is nowadays very acceptable by many parents. 

The above tips should be applied in online learning to learn Quran tajweed in the best way. The tutor should focus on the things which their students lack. They should not scold their student because many kids lose interest, and they don’t want to join the class because they think again they will be scolded by their tutor. Kids need time for their correction, but sometimes the tutor compels them to hurry, which is not good.

Tutors are the guider, and they have to the best version because they influence a lot to their students. They are the inspiration of their students and students learn many things from them. They are the builders of society. Their existence has a lot of impact on the people. They know the book of Allah (Quran) very well. They guide us to the path of Allah and tell us that Quran is the light in our dark times.

Online learning has helped a lot of kids and adults. These are now on the path of Allah. They learn Tajweed from their tutors through online classes. They learn everything about Islam from their tutors. Even sometime in the future, these kids become tutors and teach the basic rules of Islam and Tajweed.


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