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5 Things No One Will Tell You About RANGEXTD WiFi Range Extender

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The rangextd extender is a signal booster wireless compact size wifi range extender. It is a solution for all wifi speed and low-speed. This extender extremely boosts the wireless wifi signal with its wifi network speed. Usually, the rangextd wifi range extender built-in antennas, that easily manage the weak wifi signal from the existing router. This extender has the power LED indicator that helps to find out the best location of your extender, if the router is far away from the extender, then its power LED indicator blinks red. Its first-class wifi network says goodbye to the wifi buffering or loading, wifi dead zones, weak signal, and lags by extending your wifi throughout the whole home. The rangextd wifi extender work with any wireless wifi router 802.11 standard.

Through the you can easily rangextd wifi booster setup for hassle-free. It is the best amplifier for the home network. This extender is a small, unique, and sleek design. The rangextd extender is seamlessly connected to the existing wifi router and you can seamlessly enjoy the wifi network connectivity in every corner of the home.

5 things no one will tell about the rangextd wifi range extender

The rangextd wifi extender is a perfect device to boost and expand the existing weak wifi speed. Ir delivers up to 300 Mbps wifi speed. I will tell you 5 things about the rangextd wifi extender that no one will tell you.

Single-band wifi range extender

The wifi range extender provides the ultimate wifi network coverage while utilizing single-band technology. The signa-band technology supports the frequency of 2.4 GHz. in this frequency the rangextd wifi range extender allows the wireless network to speed up to 300 Mbps. while utilizing the wifi speed you can seamlessly surf the web, video conference and videos chat with your friends, 4K stream videos with the stable wifi network connection.

Compact and sleek design

The rangextd wifi range extender is very small in size, the advantage of this is that it can be plugged into the direct power supply without the help of a power adapter. Due to its sleek design, we can plug it into the power supply anywhere without any problem in the whole house. Then, take the benefit of its range without any buffering.

2 LAN and 1 WAN port

Many users think that the wireless connection is not right, there are chances of the connection breaking. Due to which they are not able to enjoy their online games, they have to watch the weak signal again and again. To avoid this hassle, you can make a wired connection with the rangextd wifi range extender. This extender has 2 LAN and 1 LAN port. While utilizing this port you can easily make the connection. Using this port and ethernet or USB cable, you can connect computers, printers, TVs, laptops, routers, access points, etc to the extender.

RANGEXTD WiFi Range Extender with the WPS button

The rangextd wifi range extender supports the WPS button. The WOS button is on the front side of the extender. At a once this extender connects up to 10 networking device like a router, access point, printer, camera, mobile phone and other. The rangextd setup is simple with the WPD button. Firstly you can hold the extender’s WPS button for some seconds. Then, locate the router WPS button and afterward hold the button for few seconds. After that, verify the extender’s LED status. If the LED signal indicates the green light that means the setup is successful. If the LED signal indicates red light that means your rangextd extender is far away from your existing router.

Router, repeater, and access point mode

The main thing about this wifi range extender it has a different mode. There is a button on the left-hand side of the rangextd wifi range extender so that we can set any mode easily. If you can use the router mode, then you can set the button router and use the advantages. This mode comes with features like parental control, blocking a website, remote managing, and VPN. if you can enjoy the access point modem then you set it with the button. This mode allows connecting an unlimited number of the device with the extender. If you set the repeater mode then you can set it with the button. This mode connects the extender signal to the router.

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