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5 Things Every Business Needs to Know About Bulk Text Messaging

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What is Bulk Text Messaging?

Bulk Text Messaging is a hot new marketing technique that uses short, concise messages to inform customers about offers, promotions and the latest news and events. Its popularity grew with SMS growth worldwide and continues to be very popular as the SMS function is available on every mobile phone globally. SMS marketing is a huge must for every business to keep a competitive edge over their competitors and secure an advantage within the industry. An SMS gateway serves as a relay between the mobile network operators and wireless applications service providers. 

5 Things You Need To Know

You should know a couple of things upfront as you explore using Bulk SMS services to market your business. After reading through these five essential pieces, you’ll be confident in making the right decision about Bulk SMS marketing. 

How To Find the Best Bulk Text Messaging Service Provider?

You ought to acquire the best features, usability, and support of a company that has helped many other businesses grow with Bulk text messaging. mTalkz provides users to receive SMS safely and quickly with Bulk SMS Pack. The service on their platform runs on dedicated channels so that the end-user gets messages in the least possible time. Partner with mTalkz today and receive 24*7 delivery, two-factor authorisation, detailed reporting, dedicated channel servers, 100% customer satisfaction, constant support, technical project management and much more. mTalkz’s services are a tested marketing strategy that encourages businesses to promote their products/services. Text marketing campaigns impact and reach the masses efficiently and right within the budget. mTalk is #1 rated Bulk SMS Service provider in India.

How Effective Is It Over Similar Marketing Channels?

Text messaging is a permission-based activity, so we’ll compare it to two other channels which (mainly) require opt-in: email and social media. 

  • Open/Read Rate – As per Teradata, Only 29% of Tweets, 22% of emails, and 12% of Facebook posts are ever read. Texts are read at an astonishing 98% (90% within the first three minutes).
  • Engagement Rate – Research shows that SMS advertising containing a URL to a business’s website has a CTR ten times higher than URLs contained within emails. The SMS CTR is 36%, whereas it’s only 3.2% for email.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can see mTalkz’s pricing plans here. Cost varies depending on the packages you opt for. It starts at just $5 for 25000 SMS. mTalkz makes sure that its customers receive the best and most reliable services.

How Can Businesses Utilise a Bulk SMS Gateway?

Here are some examples and ideas to add value to your interaction with customers.

  • Send reminders – Sending prompt reminders can help you improve customers’ view & understanding of your company.
  • Keep customers up to date – Keep your eager & loyal customers in the loop and make them feel important.
  • Send Alerts – If a customer faces a service issue that can directly impact your clients, you can instantly inform them to avoid possible inconveniences. People will appreciate such information since it is helpful and limits misunderstandings.

What Are The Types Of SMS Marketing?

There are two types of SMS Marketing services — transactional & promotional marketing. 

  • Transactional SMS – these are for customers who only receive information about their bank transactions or buying/purchase details from any online store, website or application. 
  • Promotional SMS – these messages are intended for promotions, branding or any marketing event.

The benefits of Bulk SMS Messaging are truly endless, and that is why more and more medium and small-sized companies are using it to communicate with their target audience and reach new potential customers. Partner with mTalkz today to enhance your business the smart way!


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