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5 Stylish Anniversary Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

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There are days in one’s life that are special and should be celebrated. Perhaps the most important date in a couple’s life is their anniversary. Choose something that shows how much you love, admire and respect her.  Here are some stylish anniversary gift ideas for your woman whether this is your first or your 50th anniversary.

International gifts lists

If you are unsure where to even start with your anniversary gift to your beloved ones, refer to the international anniversary gifts lists of materials that represent each anniversary year.  If you are celebrating your 21st anniversary you can choose brass gifts for her. This could be a piece of jewellery or a piece of home décor that will be a daily reminder of your love for each other.

If you prefer, refer to the list of colours and gems that relate to your anniversary year. For your 21st anniversary, the colour that represents the day is orange, the gemstone is Iolite which has a blue to violet hue. This stone is sometimes used as a substitute for tanzanite because it is similar in colour but is generally more affordable.

Take her out

Enjoy spending some time together on your anniversary.  This is important when our lives are so taken up with work and other responsibilities. Focus time on each other to express your gratitude for the year past and look forward to the year ahead and what you both want. Take the day away from home for some fun visiting a place of interest and having a quiet meal together. These are precious memories throughout a marriage.

Anniversary: Jewellery

Jewellery is a popular anniversary gift between couples. This is because jewellery items are sentimental and long-lasting, so it makes for an ideal gift for the person closest to you. With every anniversary linked to a particular gemstone or metal, you could create an anniversary tradition of adding to her collection each year.

Anniversary: Upgrade to technology

Phone upgrade

If she enjoys using her phone for taking photographs but this phone now rather dated or worn out, gift her a new phone with the specifications that you know she will enjoy. This could apply to any technology.  Perhaps you would both a new television on which to watch your favourite shows together.

Fitness watches

Keep active together with a matching pair of fitness watches or gift her some noise-cancelling headphones if she wants to listen to an audiobook in peace or chat with friends on social media. 

Couples’ earbuds

You could also gift couples’ earbuds which are literally two pairs of headphones that use one jack where she can control her own sound without bothering you. These give full sound in both ears to each of you and is perfect for watching movies on a flight as they allow you to move without dislodging the other earbud.

Anniversary: New clothes

Treat your sweetheart with a new outfit. Choose from her favourite boutique in town or online. Contact the proprietor of the store and ask for their advice on the latest fashion trends. They think she would like and would look good on her. Get her clothes to size from the labels on the items she has been wearing recently and she is likely to be surprised at your accuracy.

If you prefer not to gift clothes, consider new shoes or a handbag.  You may have noticed how she has admired something. She has seen it on a friend or perhaps she has shared something on her social media. As something, she admires that you can turn into a gift.


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