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5 Simple Ways to Add Aesthetic to Your Wedding

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Weddings are probably one of the most looked forward to events in someone’s life. There is something special about bringing in your ideas and creations and seeing it all come to life. Over the years however our styles, ideas and even needs crave. The underwater mermaid wedding theme that we thought was the best when we were 10 will probably not be the same at 25, however if you have only had one vision and stuck to it, kudos to you.

While many people think that weddings are a tedious effort (they are) and loads of money needs to be involved, it really boils down to just how creative and smart you are to turn out what you envision. No matter the size, place or vibe wedding aesthetic can be added in the simplest of ways, here are some of them.

Pick a theme you enjoy

You can scroll through the thousands of wedding aesthetic designs on Pinterest and while they all look dreamy there are only a few that will really stand out and these are usually the aesthetic that catches your eye.

Pick a theme you will enjoy creating and that also depends on the location. Is it a fall wedding in which case you could use autumn leaves in your wedding decorations. Or is it a traditional old-school wedding allowing you to use traditional and olden day items as accessories. Adding aesthetic is all about how well you can curate an experience to show your guests the kind of vibe you were going for.

Pick the right colours

Colours are everything, starting with your bridesmaids to the colour of the table runners used during the meals, colours are one of the best ways to bring to life the vibe you are trying to set. If you want it to be intimate and cosy opt for more candles to give off that fairy, dreamy vibe.

Mix it up with warm, heavy tones for a rich and deep look. However, if you are having a summer, light and relaxed beach wedding, try asking your guests to come in white, picking cocktail tables instead of heavy furniture and using tropical leaves in your deco.

Think about seating

Some weddings are quite traditional with the assigned seating arrangements and table served meals. Others are relaxed, lounge around on sofa weddings, and pick the type of seating arrangement you want to have depending on your theme. Try not to mix up too many styles, as it can look confusing and disorganized to your guests.

Touch on the little things

Leaving your guests with a small token is something that many couples enjoy doing. Think about your token in advance. You can leave pieces of wedding cake for each of them or even a thank you note for personalized effect. It solely depends on whether you want your guests to go back with something. There are many token ideas you can choose from depending on your aesthetic.


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