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5 self-improvement resources You Need to Know

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Self-improvement is something that has become more popular recently in the media. Whether you are improving your mental health, physical health, or anything else, you should be aware of the tools that are available to you to do so. Here you will learn of five self-improvement resources that you should be aware of and how they will help you in your journey to better yourself.

1. Khan Academy

If you are looking to learn and become more knowledgeable throughout your journey in education, then Khan Academy is a resource that is worth using. Khan Academy is a website that offers tutoring, practice problems, and instruction videos to help you with subjects you are struggling with. The platform was originally intended to provide help with just math, but in recent years it has expanded to various school topics and has videos to help further explain them. Millions have used this app for help with schoolwork in middle school all the way up to the university level. It can be incredibly useful for studying and preparing for exams.

2. Gympact App

The Gympact app is a unique app in the sense that it provides motivation for you to work out. The Gympact app allows you to set a workout schedule that you will need to abide by to achieve your physical self-improvement goals.

When most individuals set a workout plan, they abide by that plan for a week or two and then lose motivation. The Gympact app provides a consequence for not going to the gym, which may be the exact motivation that you need to go to the gym. For every workout that you miss you are fined a small amount of money. Typically, the fine is as small as $1, but if you miss multiple workouts those fines can add up.

While the fines may be enough motivation to get you to the gym, there is another form of motivation that the Gympact app provides. If you make it to all of your scheduled workouts, then you get a share of all the fines that were paid by those who missed their workouts. So, if you are going to the gym and improving your physical health, then you may also be able to make a little bit of extra cash.

3. TED Talks

TED talks are a great way to improve your mental health and learn about new things. The TED talks are short-form speaking events and are sometimes converted into podcasts where highly qualified professional talks about an experience or research that they have done. These talks can provide a lot of mental clarity and motivation to improve yourself.

Also, these talks are typically between 15 and 60 minutes. There are plenty of talks that you can listen to while you drive to work, so you do not have to go out of your way to listen to these talks.

4. Podcasts

Podcasts are similar to the TED talks, but they are longer and there is a wider range of topics that podcasts cover. TED talks are typically more academic-based, but podcasts can be academic as well as for leisure. If you are a fan of a tv series or sports team, then there is probably a podcast for it.

Podcasts give you an opportunity to listen to other individuals who share the same interests as you, and podcasts can help teach you more about the things you like. If you feel that you know a lot about a certain topic, then you may be able to create your own podcast with others who share that same interest as you.

5. The Only Skill that Matters & The Success Principles

These two resources are books that are written to help individuals with self-improvement. The first book, The Only Skill that Matters, is a book about adapting to the constant stressors that you face and life. It discusses how you can learn from these things and use them to better yourself on your journey to self-improvement.

The second book, The Success Principles, discusses the various principles that go into fostering a successful mindset. Jack Canfield discusses the methods that he and others around him have used to become more successful and improve themselves.

There are many other books and blogs that cover a wide array of topics, so you can pick ones that suit your interests. One website that has blog posts specific to self-improvement is https://www.iheartmylife.com/blog/. This website has a wide range of topics that it covers for self-improvement and can provide you with a great deal of help on your self-improvement journey.


Of course, not all of these self-improvement resources will help you in your self-improvement journey. Certain self-improvement resources are specifically for mental health, physical health or anything else you are working on. You should look into these resources and use the ones that can best help you on your journey.


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