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5 rules of a good male tan

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Summer arrived and with it the opportunity to show off your body (and even if you don’t have it, show it off too!) Suddenly you take out your best summer clothes, you dare to wear those shorts or bermuda shorts with polo-type shirts and that’s when you think everything the effort of the gym is going to pay off, but what about that milky color? Now how do you take it off? Here are the 5 rules to get a good tan without looking like a Dorito.

1. Acapulco on the roof

In an ideal world, before taking a trip to the beach or a vacation, you should take a little sun so as not to arrive with your whitish skin the first days of the trip, but if that is impossible, apply the famous Acapulco in The roof is not always feasible if you live in an apartment, but if you are one of the lucky ones that has a garden (even if it is 1×1) you have already done it.

Get out your towel, a good book, sunglasses, sunscreen with sunscreen and lie down before 12:00 noon to take a few highlights for 2 or 3 days.

2. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

I will not tire of saying it, men, do not be afraid of scrubs, I know that many of you have to believe that it is a girl thing, but believe me, there are very good male products for this effect and if you exfoliate your skin well daily, using a sponge or scrub in the shower, you will remove dead cells and prepare the skin to have an excellent tan.

I highly recommend Kiehl’s Body Scrub Soap , formulated with oat bran and ideal for use all over the body.

3. Control yourself and take care of yourself

As I was saying at the beginning of this article, we don’t want it to look like they rolled in a Dorito’s pool either, so please don’t exaggerate either. The sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 should be applied 30 to 40 minutes before sunbathing and should always be done before 12:00 noon or after 3:00 pm.

We women love tanned men, but we don’t want a prematurely aging raisin, do you agree?

4. Complements

After you’ve sunbathed, you can supplement your tan with a self-tanning lotion or a professional tanning spray. Combining the tan from the sun with the personal tanning product will give you not only a longer duration, but a perfect golden color.

If your skin just won’t tan outdoors, a tanning spray alone is a good alternative for a tan on fair skin.

Vichy has some great options that look super natural, like Capital Soleil that you can buy in department stores.

5. Color starts inside

A diet rich in antioxidant foods, with beta-carotene and fatty acids helps you get a tan more easily and in less time. Start including in your daily diet salads with tanning foods such as tomatoes and carrots bathed in extra virgin olive oil, blue fish such as tuna, which in addition to having omega-3s, provide elasticity and firmness to the skin.


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