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5 reasons why your kids don’t listen—and how to handle them in a positive way

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Kids rule with their whims and fancies. Getting them to listen to you is one task that all parents and guardians struggle with. As a parent, you need to tackle the situation with extreme caution. Make sure that your frustration never gets the better of you, in which case it might cost you heavily on your relationship with your kids.

Infant Care San Diego will discuss the numerous reasons why your kid behaves ignorant and adamant. You must decipher the underlying cause(s) to keep this process smooth and in the right spirit.

Kids put their heart and soul in whatever they do – be it play, drawing, building structures, etc. Hence most of the time, the reason behind them not listening to you may be unexpectedly simple. Your kids might not have heard you at all. Their brains seclude your instruction as background noise. In such a case, all you need to practice is sitting beside him/her and talk to them eye-in-eye to ensure that you have conveyed successfully.

Many a time, there may be a conflict of interests. Your kids don’t want to listen to you. They are either defiant, obstinate or spiteful. Gather all your patience during such times and shower them with empathy. When you make your kid realize that whatever he/she was doing is not at all trivial, nevertheless, what is asked of him/her is of great importance and must be acted upon on a priority basis.

Kids’ brain functions distinctly as compared to that of adults. They have a lot to process and so may not absorb what you said to them readily. Your kids fail to understand the things said to them. Try to deliver the instructions in as few words as possible and provide one instruction at a time. The lesser it is for them to process, the better they perform.

Dominating kids tend to exhibit power and control, and so assert their feelings. This becomes a tricky situation, and you need to act compassionately. Make your kids feel pivotal, and ensure that you do not challenge their importance. Rephrase your sentences to convey your point that would imply substantial weight in your kid’s ability to make a decision.

However trivial it may genuinely be, kid’s activities are of prime importance to them. They may get annoyed by intervention. Funny, but your kids maybe be busy. In such a case, value their work and hold up till he/she finishes her task and then pass across your instruction. They will surely listen then.  

Play can be tiring. Especially if it’s the second half of the day, your kid might be tired. Observe patience and put in some extra effort to convince them to listen to you.

It is highly irrational on your part to expect your kid to remember all the instructions or rules that you once told him. Additionally, your plan of the day may not have concurrence with that of your kid. So, there can be an innocent possibility that your kid is not aware of the rules that you expect him/her to abide by at the given moment. It’s, therefore, helpful to not make this a power struggle and discuss your plan with him/her and keep reminding them of what you would expect of them in the course of that plan.

It is often seen that kids act to impress their parents/ guardian/ any adult they look up to. Now, if this bond is weakening and your kid lacks connection, then he/she might stop giving your demand an edge over his/her desires. Hence, you need to keep this connection replenished and live to make sure you are heard.

Get into your kid’s head, find the cause and then work towards wonderful parenthood! Good luck.


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