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5 Reasons Why You Should Wash Your Car Regularly

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A clean car not only looks good but also enjoys good resale and market value. How often you wash your car says a lot about the health of your vehicle. A well-maintained neat and clean car doesn’t only feel good to drive but also has good mechanics.

However, taking your vehicle to a car wash has more benefits than you can ever perceive. On this note, today we’re going to give you some valid reasons why you have to wash your car regularly.

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To Avoid the Damage

Dirt, mud, gunk, rain and salt can do more damage to your car than you can think. They not only make your car look dirty but they can get stuck on the surface when you drive it through them. With time, the minerals present in these particles cause great damage to your vehicle’s exterior, especially its paint. Therefore, getting your car cleaned after it is covered in impurities is important to keep it safe from potential damage.

Likewise, the dirt, mud and gunk residues stuck on the insides of your bumper and wheel area, if not removed in time, can cause rusting of your car’s body.

To Give Your Car a New Look

When you clean your car regularly, you not only keep it neat and fresh but you’re keeping it new looking. Because a clean car can say a lot, therefore, it’s always a good idea to keep your car dust free.  

To Improve the Value of Your Car

If you’re thinking about selling your vehicle, you must pay special attention to its look and appearance. Even if you’re not planning to sell it at the moment, it’s important that you are taking care of its look as it helps to improve its value. The exterior of the car, especially the condition of its paint and its colour plays a key role in determining its market value. Therefore, if you want to sell your car for a good price, start taking its cleanliness seriously.

To Protect Your Car

When you take your car for washing, it helps in cleansing the body of your vehicles free from impurities. In a car wash, your car is mounted on a hydraulic lifter and lifted to a certain height which makes it easy for the washers to clean the underneath of your car. Because of the high-pressure water, all the dirt, mud and gunk that’s being stuck on the underside of your car gets washed away. Washing these impurities away help in preventing the deterioration of your car’s body and thus increasing its lifespan.

Moreover, if you’re getting your engine washed too, then removing all the dirt and debris from your engine will help in keeping your engine healthier.  

For Increased Safety

Cleaning your car isn’t only beneficial to its exterior but if you want your car to run smoothly for years to come, you must clean it regularly. This process helps to keep the car safe against rushing. As stated above,when impurities that are stuck beneath the surface are washed, there is a limited chance of your car getting rust. 

Furthermore, it helps to protect the engine as well, provided you are getting it cleaned as well. 

How Often You Should Wash Your Car?

Well, washing your car is essential but if you ask us how often you should wash your car that depends on your convenience. However, you must develop a habit of cleaning your car daily at least. Clean it using a microfiber cloth to prevent scratching your paint. 

Likewise, you should get your car washed at least once a week or bi-weekly maximum. Other than that, it  is important to get your car serviced at least once a month or once in every two months. It will help in giving it a thorough and deep cleaning.  

Final Words

These are some of the benefits you can enjoy after washing your car regularly. Moreover, if you live in a desert area such as the UAE, then getting your car completely serviced once a month is essential. There are many centres that offer car service in Dubai from where you can get your ride deeply cleaned.


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