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5 Real-Life Lessons About Online Quran System

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For the past two years, Covid-19 has caused great destruction on both the economy and education of the countries. If we talk about the Education system, then not only the Universities, schools but also the Mosques were closed due to the lockdown. Masjid is the place where Muslim people send their children to get the education of the Holy Quran. But because of covid, many Muslim parents are unable to send their children to Mosques. 

As we know, this is the modern era, and everything is available on the internet. There are many websites on the internet, in which the full Quran is uploaded with translation. Kids and elders can learn and understand the Quran from those websites. Below this, we have written about the life lessons we can get from the Online Quran system.

Chance to Boost your Iman:

As we all know, everything is closed down because of COVID-19 even, Mosques are closed down because of COVID. Before the COVID, people along with their children will go to the mosque and learn about Quran and Hadith from their respected IMAMS. Nowadays, people can’t go to the MOSQUES to learn about the Quran and boost up their Iman, but with the advancement in technology, the Holy Quran has been translated with almost all the languages of the world on the internet. People can learn about the Quran in their language. In these difficult times, everyone in the world has an equal opportunity to learn about Quran, learn a lesson from it, and apply it to your daily life to pure your soul and IMAN.

Solution to all Problems:

The Quran is the only book of ALLAH, which can solve all the problems of people. But the main thing is you have to read it thoroughly with translation, and this can be possible by online Quran System. With an online Quran system, people can read the Quran in their language and can gain important lessons and guidance from it. This will help them, to counter the daily life problems they are facing. Parents can also teach their kids the lessons related to Quran. This can be done by downloading the Norani Qaida for kids, which is also present on the internet. The Norani Qaida for kids helps the children to get the knowledge and learn the base of the Quran.

Overcome Depression:

According to the stats, 90% population of the world has the same disease known as depression. The best way to overcome this disease is to read and learn the Quran from your heart. When you read the Quran, you feel like you are somehow talking with Allah. Allah knows what is in the mind of the person. By daily learning the Quran online in your language you will know about moral ethics, values, patience, etc. When a person follows these moral ethics, his soul becomes pure, and he will eventually overcome this disease of depression.

Bad Habits:

On the Internet, Quran has been translated into almost all the languages of the world. Even we can find, all the meaning of every word of the Quran. We can also find every hadith of Our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) on the internet if a person starts reading the Quran and Hadith with its translation. He will be able to know what’s good and what’s bad in this world and, they will try their best to overcome these bad habits. This is because the Quran and Hadith of Holy Prophet (S.A.W) tell us about the consequences he will face from his GOD Almighty on a judgment day. Once they know about the consequences, they will try their best to become a better person and please Allah Almighty.


Justice is one of those words In the Quran which was given very much importance by Allah Almighty. In Quran, many verses are present to promote justice in society.  Even if someone does wrong with you, Allah Almighty himself has said to be kind with them and do justice with children, women, elders, and with minorities also. By learning the Quran online, the person will be able to find the true meaning of justice. And when he treats everyone with justice, he will also have peace in his mind.


Learning the Quran online will help us to understand the deep meaning of the Quran. It will help us to make our relationship with Quran itself and Allah Almighty. It will also help you find the true meaning of your life and helps you to make you a better person by telling the difference between good and evil. I will recommend you to give this book a try. I am sure when you will read this book, you will fall in love with it. I will also recommend giving this book to your sibling once you give it a try.


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