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5 Quick Tips For Renewing Old Carpets

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Sometimes, you may be so tempted to throw out your old carpet, especially when it has become dull and unattractive, but hold on for a moment. What if there was a way to revive life in your old carpet? Here these 5 quick tips will help you renew any type of old carpet.

However, you will have better results from your carpet by subjecting it to a professional carpet treatment. You can get this at a highly competitive price from Carpet Cleaner London. But if you do not stay around London, search for “carpet cleaning companies near me“, and you will be sure to meet a good company.

So, about the 5 easy tips to get your carpet refreshed from home, let get going!

How to brighten your faded carpets

Help your faded carpet regain its colour by cleaning it with saltwater. To do this, soak a clean rag or towel in salt and water and squeeze out some of the liquid. Use this rag or towel to rub-down the carpet. You can also dip your rug in a solution of saltwater and wash it out.

How to deep clean your carpet

If you have the time and patience, try using ammonia to deep clean your dirty carpet. However, ensure you carry out this cleaning in a ventilated area if you do not want the ammonia to suffocate you.

To do this, pour in a cup of ammonia to a quart of water. Dampen a rag or mop with this solution and use it to rub your carpet. The rag or mop should be moderately wet, and you do not need the carpet to be dripping from the solution.

Caution: Ammonia is a powerful reagent and must be handled with care. We advise you try this solution on the hidden part of your carpet (like under a chair) before taking it out to the other areas. Also, avoid using this mixture to clean wool carpets.

How to remove carpet dents

Dents get into the carpet from the furniture, but they can simply be taken out with a fork. To do this, use a fork to revive the fibres of your carpet to their original shape. Just stick the little spikes of the fork to the fibres of your carpets and brush them up.

If you want to have a fluffier look, place some ice cubes on the spot; they will make the fibre to expand. After that, take out the cubes and dry the area with a dry cloth.

How to handle shocking carpets

There comes a time when our carpets start conducting static electricity. At this point, it may shock you and cause your hair to stand when you touch or step on them. It may also affect your pet too. But how do you handle such a mishap?

It is pretty easy; you just need to use what gets rid of statics on your cloth for your carpet; they work as well. So, what is it that gets rid of this static? Fabric softener!

For the procedure, properly mix half a cup of liquid fabric softener to three cups of water. Pout this mixture into a spray bottle and use it to spray on your carpet. This will cause static electricity to go away, but that is not all. The mixture will also help in deodorising your carpet too.

Hold on; don’t rip it just yet

At first, it may feel as though there is no hope for your old carpet. Some people still have this experience after applying the methods above.

Getting a professional carpet cleaning service to revive your carpet is the best thing to do when handling an old carpet. It is time-saving and more hopeful for removing impossible stains and restoring a carpet. Almost every carpet ends up as desired with a good carpet cleaning service.

If you do not have the funds or time to get a professional carpet cleaner, you can just rent a carpet cleaner from your hardware store or local rent-a-centre. They will make your carpet spotless and look newer for a price far cheaper than getting a new one.

However, if you want to try wet vacuum cleaning, ensure you seal the feet of your furniture with plastic bags and rubber bands so that they do not get wet as well.

We can give your carpet a new look regardless of the carpet’s level of stain or fadedness. We use sophisticated tools and mild products to revive the best out of a dead carpet.


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