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5 Pro Tips to Gain a More Profitable ROI on Instagram!

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Return on Investment or ROI is used to measure the ratio of the returns you earn on the cost incurred by the investment. Measuring ROI is to identify whether you are receiving enough value for the money you are paying. A reputed SMO company like TYC Communication that offers the Best SMO Company in Delhi has a few tips to improve ROI on Instagram. This includes everything from using hashtags to running contests.

Here are 5 Tips for Better ROI on Instagram

  • Optimize Hashtags

Hashtags are necessary to improve a brand’s visibility on Instagram, which impacts its overall engagement. As a result, brands often use multiple hashtags to attract audience attention. Research suggests that up to 11 hashtags can increase interaction by 80%. Brands should use a combination of hashtags like branded, trending, and niche hashtags and avoid banned hashtags. Trending hashtags are hashtags that are currently popular on the platform. Niche hashtags are in conjunction with your specific industry and can help you find your target market. Branded hashtags are exclusive to your brand and are a part of your brand identity.

  • Utilize Instagram Story to Post Ads

 Instagram story ads are a creative way to promote the brand without overwhelming consumers. Research suggests that 500 million users watch Instagram stories daily. This means that even if a client misses seeing your brand’s post, they may still catch your account.

  • Collaborate With Influencers

Influencer marketing is currently receiving a lot of importance due to many fans following these influencers have amassed. Brands must collaborate with influencers that influence their target audience and emulate similar values that the brand cherishes. The influencer does not need to have a following in millions. They need to have enough influence on their followers to take the right step towards your brand. This is a great way to increase your ROI as your brand may meet new and highly interested clients.

  • Run A Contest

Instagram contests have the potential to create buzz around your campaign and the brand itself. Like or tag to win contests also increases the number of people who land on your post, improving engagement. Apart from liking the post, these competitions ask users to tag three other users in the comment section. As a result, three new users can view your profile with each comment.

  • Encourage User-Generated Content

User-generated content or user-created content refers to any content created by your followers. This can be a video, poster, caption, audio, etc., as long as a follower creates it. This fosters a sense of collaboration between a big brand and its user. Many brands create challenges on Instagram and encourage users to participate in such challenges. By reposting these challenges to their post or story, they improve their relationship with that user.


TYC Communication which offers the Best SMO Services in Delhi, suggests that apart from these tips, cross-promoting the content across various social media platforms is a great way to increase ROI.


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