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5 Prime Aspects to Think About When Buying a Domain Name

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Most small business owners know that they need a website to compete with others in the market. The substantial increase in smartphone users has forced most businesses to place their products or brand in the digital marketplace. Consumers first research a specific product or service before deciding to buy. If you want your new business or startup to grab the attention of people, you should buy domain name for your website.

To launch your website, you need a domain name to be sourced online. You can establish credibility and trust with a different website name, which most visitors look for before accessing a website. A domain is difficult to procure as the Internet has over 2 billion websites with unique domain names.

Somebody would have taken the name that you think will be apt for your business. Hence, designing a name out of keyword combinations is essential to source it quickly. The other advantage is that domain names represent your business or product and convey information about it to your customers. To find a suitable domain, consider these five essential aspects.

Choose a domain that is simple, differentiable, and memorable.

A word or phrase is easy to remember if it is simple and pronounceable. Likewise, your website address should have a domain name with 6-10 characters. Most words or phrases that are popular are taken by businesses or individuals. Hence, it isn’t easy to find an available name online. You can create a name using business-related keywords, which are easy to source. Moreover, they also improve your search engine rankings.

Some popular Singapore-based websites like ‘shopee.com’, ‘asiaone.com’, and ‘singtel.com’ are made using a combination of keywords. They are simple and easy to spell and type on the browser. Keep all these points in mind before choosing a domain for your website.   

Numbers and hyphens can confuse people.

A domain name with a hyphen or number or both can confuse the web user when typing a URL on the spacebar of the browser. These characters are allowed in a domain name, but they can always confuse people. For instance, the name ‘03hardware-zone.com.sg’ can confuse anyone with a number and hyphen included to make it unique. It is advisable to choose one-word names to bring enough traffic to your website.

Find a dependable domain name registrar.

A domain name service provider can help you know the availability of a domain. They can even help you know which domain name is not in use and can be bought. Choosing an authorized registrar can ease the process. A genuine registrar is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) accredited and has undergone the detailed accreditation check process. They have a domain name tool or generator to help you:

  • Find a different domain name.
  • Register and manage a domain.
  • Renew a domain using the management tools.

Other than these, they also provide DNS hosting service and complete customer support.

Get an appropriate domain name extension.

You can choose between the generic top-level domains and country-code TLDs for a suitable extension. To attract local customers in Singapore, you can select country-specific domains such as .sg, .com.sg, .per.sg, .edu.sg, etc.  

Buying a domain name that suits your business is possible considering the abovementioned aspects.

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