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5 New Plants That Every Holistic-Healer Should Try

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Undeniably, plants have a profound impact on our mental and physical wellbeing. Ideally, we as humans were created to co-exist with nature. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that herbal medicine goes a long way in supporting our optimal vitality and holistic health. Below are five new plants cutting across all cultures that every holistic healer should consider trying, with almost all of them originating from Africa.
Candy-Striped Violet
This is a fascinating new species from Cyrtandra vittata (the African violet family). Its roots trace back to northern New Guinea.

The plant, which is characterizing by its distinct pink color and candy stripes grow on a shrub in the rainforest. The plan bears white berries, which are believes to be scattering by doves and pigeons.

Violets are well know for their anti-inflammatory characteristic. Besides, they are knows to have an affinity for the lymphatic system and can, therefore, promote healthy lymphatic function.

The Miracle Berry

The Synsepalum Chimanimani is another recently discovering plant whose roots take us to Africa. As the name suggests, the plant was discovering in the Chimanimani mountains, which are on the Mozambique-Zimbabwe border.

The plant is also commonly referring to as the sour to sweet plant. Rightfully so, since its fruits are not only sweet on the tongue but also make other sour foods, such as limes, taste sweet. How? You may ask. The plant contains miraculin, a compound known for blocking the taste buds, hence the magic.

Its tree is relatively small (about four meters in height) and has glossy leaves that grow in small bunches. When cut, the twigs produce a white rubbery latex.
Sadly, it is already an endangers species since it has only been spotting in three locations, all of which are facing the threat of deforestation.

Galanthus Bursanus

It would be correct to say that Galanthus Bursanus was discovers by accident. An unsuspecting Turkish pediatrician, Dr. Y Konca, went on holiday, took some photos, and uploaded them on Facebook.

Consequently, a Ukrainian researcher, Dr. Dimitri Zubov, came across her feed and noticed something unique about the plant’s snowdrops. What would follow was Dr. Dimitri and Dr. Konca going back to the location to draw the plant samples. They later involved a snowdrop specialist, Aaron Davis.

Just like the Miracle Berry, Galanthus Bursanus is already critically endangering on account of illegal collecting, climate change, and marble quarrying.

Costularia Cadet

Although this perennial herb was first collects over five decades ago, it was only officially names recently. The plant, which grows on the volcanoes of Reunion Island, which is finds to the east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, got its name from its collector, Theresian Cadet. Cadet, who was formerly a teacher, was a climbing enthusiast of the island.

Since the plant is limited to high elevation habitat, it is susceptible to extinction due to volcanic activity and climate change.

The Love Letter from Guinea

The Gladiolus Mariae was discovered on a table-stone mountain in Kounounkan, in Guinea. According to Kew scientist Xander Van der Burgt, the plant is only restricted to two mountains in the area. These mountains are among the last to remain unaffected by humans. Xander named this beautiful plant after his wife, Maria.

One would think that human beings have discovered all plants under the sun. But that’s far from the truth. As time goes by, scientists continue to find new plants, like cannabis from this Lapeer provisioning center, which

might break ground for holistic healing. However, it is always important to approach new plants cautiously, especially those with little information about them.

Maintaining the Beauty of Calathea Plant

A good way to maintain the Beauty of calathea plant is to give it ample water. If you do not water the plants regularly, they may become dry and shriveled. To prevent this problem, water the plants at least twice a week. They can tolerate low humidity but should be given plenty of sunlight. Also, be sure to avoid overwatering them. They may be vulnerable to drought, so it is important to keep the humidity at a minimum.


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