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5 Must-have items for the prop styling toolkit

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Having the right toolkit is essential to a smooth styling process in any photo studio, whether you are styling flat lay or on a mannequin. In this product photography tutorial, we will give you a rundown of the essential tools every stylist and fashion product photographer needs to style, shoot and make their garments look great.

Styling is one of the most important elements of any fashion brand. It governs how your clothes look in your store and helps ensure they stand out. So a kit full of useful tools is essential.


The mighty scissors are to stylists what the brush is to artists. Scissors or fashion scissors, in this case, are exceptionally useful tools for stylists. The size, shape, and sharpness, of fashion scissors, come into play when dealing with small yet unwanted parts like random threads and tags. No matter how clean and classy the garments are, loose threads or tags can quickly turn the article into a view not so pleasing for the eyes. A pair of fashion scissors take up the stage for swift snips to clean clothes up.

Fishing line:

If there is an essential tool that is the most overlooked and indispensable one, it is the fishing line. A stylist must have a fishing line in his tool kit as it serves a wide range of purposes. It can be used for a wide variety of purposes including giving an illusion of flouted gravity. A fishing line comes in handy to hang props and garments and well the sky is the limit to the uses of a fishing line.


Fashion apparel is very easy to mess up and that is why it is important to take good care of them. This does not necessarily mean you throw out the clamps. Clamps come in handy when holding backdrops and reflectors in place. Don’t worry about clamps damaging your garments as there is a wide variety of clamps suitable for varying needs.

Lint Roller:

The lint roller can be seen as a tool that is often left out. Garments tend to catch on dust, lint, and speckles of dust, this largely contributes to hindering the overall appearance of the clothing article. When styling, be sure to not miss out on giving your garments a ‘lint run’ to bring out the essence. While dealing with dark shaded garments,

consider the lint roller to intensify the character of the garments.

Measuring tape:

The measuring tape might not seem like a style essential, but it sure helps in getting the fit just right. It also will not do anything for the look and feel of the apparel on its own but is a sure must-have in a stylist’s prop toolkit. A measuring tape assists greatly when time is the need of the hour to measure things like chest size, arm length, collar size, and all other details significant for your client’s perfect garment fit.

Salem Moussallam Toronto-based fashion stylistfor the past seven years serves as an ideal role model for budding stylists. Salem Moussallam has worked with many high-profile photographers such as Josh Cornell, and David Ho for collaborations with BCBG, HerveLege, Nine West, and Dean Davidson.

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