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SEO in 2021: 5 Most Important Updates You Need to Know

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It’s just mid-year 2021, and 2020 was almost like a rollercoaster ride for websites that were not working on SEO strategy reinforcement. Counting on the most critical updates in SEO, it is more likely to be a year to aim for maximum user satisfaction.

Though it is essential five work on traditional SEO optimization techniques, including the various On-page tasks like updating website content, design, meta descriptions, and off-page assignments like business listings, Local SEO Link Building, etc., it is equally essential to work parallel to the latest technology. However, if you have a particular figure in your mind regarding the ROI of your business? There is a lot to do for optimizers to help a business stand on top of organic results and improve conversions. Today, we will be talking about the five most significant updates in SEO that can help you gain sparkling results.

Always Ensure Mobile Ready

It was 2015 when the idea of mobile-friendly websites rolled out because the total number of searches made on mobile started overtaking desktop searches. But March 2018 brought an entirely new update of mobile-first indexing, i.e., crawling through the websites to check for mobile compatibility to work on ranking over SERPs.

However, Google would still acknowledge the websites that run perfectly on the desktop, but one that lacks mobile support would surely face a rank drop. Therefore, if you need your website to stay on top of organic results, your website must run smoothly on mobile devices. This may require you to target making a mobile-friendly website that runs perfectly on all shapes and sizes of devices irrespective of their operating system. It is mainly about a responsive website design, even if you have separate mobile and desktop versions. If you have a particular website for mobile and desktop, make sure you use similar primary content, metadata, and proper structure data on both versions.

Approach For Featured Snippets

The next thing that will benefit you in establishing a solid grip on SERPs is the introduction of featured snippets. They will help your business boost your rankings with the wise use of keywords. This possesses a great deal because when a user searches for some query, the best content appears on the top, taking you to the best spot called Position Zero.

If you are wondering over the steps, can you take your content on rich snippets? All you need to start work on the content that could rank on its own because mostly snippets come from the top 10 results on SERPs. It is about writing quality content that is unique and must contain appropriate keywords adding value to the user experience. One important tip that can help you gain a snippet position is to go for how-to-like questions with relevant critical phrases added in the content. You can try to go for multiple types of snippet options like paragraphs, bullets, etc. Moreover, a secret tip that can benefit you in featuring snippets is to try answering the query within the word limit of 80 to 90 words ensuring accuracy.

Quality Content With Uniqueness

The year 2018 rolled out another primary benchmark in the history of core updates made by Google. It was entirely centered on targeting those websites based on EAT quality, where EAT stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. This update was a substantial hit for those businesses that were associated with health and fitness.

Google kept them in the category of YMYL websites as their content was directly affecting people’s lives. This update made it very clear that you will roll down to pages as low as 5, 6, 7, or maybe worse if you miss on the idea of quality content.

Target For Voice Search Support

A fourth, we have the concept of voice search support which needs to be one of the top 5 priorities of Search engine optimizers in 2021. Over the years, the voice search process has become more advanced with better search support, and users are counting on it because it is more convenient.  A report from Google has shown that teens and adults are taking maximum advantage of voice search with 55% and 41%.  

If you are looking forward to making your website more aligned with the voice search platform, you can start the process with local search optimization. You can work on geo-targeted keywords, FAQ pages to provide answers for user queries, and last but very important to make your website works perfectly on mobile-friendly goals. Lacking in any of these areas would make google resist you to take your website up to the voice search results.  

Ensure Maximum Emphasis on UX

This is the critical the most significant trend to be followed in an effective SEO strategy for the year 2021 until now. This is all about keeping an aim high for the Rank Brain, which is a part of Google’s core update that targets user experience by using machine learning to satisfy user intent. Rank Brain is used to studying the long-tail queries and the plan to make the complicated search terms connect to a perfect solution. The Rankbrain understands the context of the search and takes the user to those pages which have those similar queries or have synonyms on them. However, it feeds on data, i.e., the more information it gets, the brighter it becomes.

If the query results take the user to a website that shows better dwell time with a low bounce rate or greater CTR values, Rankbrain counts it as a satisfying action. So, if you need to align with the rank brain, you have to optimize the meta and header tags with a high concentration of on-page usability.

The Final Words

Every passing year leaves behind so many things to consider and explore for enticing SEO opportunities. Therefore, it is crucial to stay updated about every piece of information, whether it is a past revelation or future technology. So, if you are a business enthusiast who needs to stay ahead in the competition or an SEO expert who never wants their clients to face any disappointment, adding efforts on the above five updates could benefit you in improving your strategy on SEO solutions. Good Luck!


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