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5 Inspiring Design Ideas for Custom Rigid Boxes

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It’s a fact that choosing a rigid box with well-designed approaches is helpful to target the customers at a premium level. Customers will always feel excited to have a great unboxing experience which makes the whole product even worth considering all the time. Upon catching some custom boxes, you will find each rigid box to be different from the other one in terms of designs and styles. And yes, it is a reality that with time, the trends of designing rigid boxes have been changing at a paramount level!

If you are interested to know about the latest and inspiring designs of rigid boxes, then here we have a quick guide for you below. Have a look at the top 5 inspiring and great design ideas for the custom rigid boxes

1: Rigid box with amazing inserts

You can add the box with the inserts which is the best way with which you can give your products the security which they deserve the most. Especially for delicate items, we do consider the inserts to be the best option for protection against cracks or damage. Customers can also use the inserts for the opening of the box in a varied manner to determine the quality of the product they are using. Some of the owners even choose to add the packaging with some extra luxury touch. And for that sake, we recommend adding some print work on top of the inserts. 

2: Magnetic rigid boxes with extra closures

With the involvement of magnetic over the rigid boxes, you are definitely giving your box packaging high security. This magnetic closure is adding an extra protective layer over the box. It will protect the delicate items against any damage or crack. For adding an appeal to the whole packaging and your brand, choose magnetic rigid boxes with extra closures.

3: Not having standard cubes & cuboids

As regards the rigid boxes are concerned, it is always the best option to make it add up with the shaping. This can be either rectangular or square. You might have seen such a style of boxes where different brands have been using it. In the jewelry stores, you will find hexagonal boxes with some foam inserts. This is done for the safe packaging of the jewelry items. 

4: Stackable rigid custom boxes

To package more than one item into one box, you should choose something which is in the design of stackable rigid boxes. It is further added with the magnetic lid. Such boxes are an excellent option with which you can easily aggregate all your products. Products are arranged in the form of grouping. You can even package them all together into two different stackable trays. Hence, it further attaches up with the magnetic lid as well. This will enable the tray to stay hold in one place without any movement. 

Trend no 5: Rigid box with transparent window

The last trendy design which is extremely popular in custom rigid boxes is the use of transparent windows. With the transparent window touch, the customer will be hence able to have a quick sneak into the packaging. This is how a customer can know the quality of the product. This window is hence adding upon at one side of the box. This is for the better reflection of the brand logo too. The ribbon is also available for the easy opening of the box through the use of a magnetic lid. 


If you really want to give your rigid boxes a fantastic and attractive look, then choose the trendy design which gives your product an attractive display on shelves. Which one of these designs is your favorite? 


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