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5 Foods That Are Healthier Than We Realize

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In the past year with the series of lockdowns and unlimited number of uncertainties, many have taken a pledge to change their eating habits and lifestyles. While being in lockdown the binge eating on sweets and salty snacks may have come to an end once you realized what was supposed to last you a week was done in two days.

This resulted in us having to resort to the usual things in a fridge we would normally not take a second look at. The types of food we wouldn’t really call snack material, but can make up for not only a healthy but also a tasty substitute. Here are 5 foods that are packed with nutrition that is possible lying around in cupboards waiting to be eaten.


Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans and many other types of nuts are some of the most underestimated energies giving foods. They are not only tasty but contain vitamins and fibres that provide nourishment to your body. It contains fats that are good for the heart that helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases.

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All right maybe we do know that healthy food can also be tasty and berries are one of them. Regardless of the type of berry they are all packed with vitamins and everything good. Even if you eat frozen berries, as they are seasonal the health benefits are still the same. Plain berries can sometimes be a little sour. Blend it to make a smoothie, mix it up with yoghurt or even a cereal.


How versatile are coconuts, the oil is using for frying, it can be used as an alternative to wheat flour, it can be used in puddings and desserts. In addition, coconut water benefits are underestimated. The best alternative to water as it is refreshing and hydrating. It is made out of one ingredient therefore making it ideal for anyone with allergies.

Having coconut water is also ideal just after a workout or any type of exercise as it helps relieve from muscle cramping. It is also easier on the gut as water can sometimes fill your stomach making you feel heavy and uncomfortable. Also, on top of everything it just tastes great in general, the light sweetness makes the drink refreshing and is best consumed when cold.


If you have constant stomach bugs and difficulties in digestion, yoghurt is the ideal solution to it. Containing probiotics, it helps fight off the bad bacteria. This is usually why yoghurt is usually recommended to children.

It helps build up the immune system and keep the body healthy. However, watch out for flavoured yoghurt as they may contain added sugar. Opt for the plain yoghurt and add in your own fruits or make it a smoothie for additional taste.

Whole grain

Anything with whole grain is good for you. Oats and cereal are some of the most common. Mix it with milk or berries and yoghurt for a full nutrient packed meal.


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