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5 Fantastic Matcha Desserts

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The aroma of baking goods like muffins, cookies, and cakes is enough to make anyone feel instantly at home. The warm freshly goodies welcome the guests in a home with a promise of shared comfort and pleasures to come. 

For a lot of people, baking is a form of art that fills their hearts with relief and gives them an opportunity to express their love and care for the people they love.

However, baking as we all know involves ingredients with an unbelievably high-calorie rate. Extra calories not only harm the consumer’s teeth, but they are also poisonous to their entire body.

Since baking goods are too good to abandon for a lifetime, one should try to switch the ingredients to healthier alternatives. Fortunately, the manufacturers of Matcha are coming up with lots of innovative ways to consume matcha. You might find it too surreal to believe, but Matcha green tea powder can be added to a number of desserts. 

If you are curious to find out how? Here is a brief list of some matcha desserts.

Chiffon Matcha cake

Who does not love chiffon cake?

It is the most fluffy and light cake, which is made from light vegetable oil and lots of well-beaten eggs. Considering the addition of all the immaculate ingredients, this super sweet and fluffy cake is the definition of a perfect holiday snack. 

Although this cake could not be a better definition of perfection, by adding a hint of matcha you can significantly improve the texture of this cake. Chiffon matcha cake not only tastes better, but it also smells divine.  

Having this cake virtually feels like consuming green tea. So make this amazing cake and allow your home to feel like a paradise.

You can make this soft and fluffy chiffon cake for weekends and serve it for famous holidays like St.Patrick’s Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. This lovely green cake is also a perfect way to end a  fancy and scrumptious dinner.

Magnificent Matcha scones

Since matcha can now be consumed in many ways. Be it Matcha Tea Capsules or crushed matcha leaves, you can add matcha to any kind of food. 

If you are a fan of fancy English breakfast, you must be fond of light and fluffy matcha scones. These scones are light on touch and even lighter on the tongue. You can give these scones a nutritional kick by adding a couple of spoons of Matcha powder to the batter. By adding matcha powder to the scones, you will be shockingly pleased to see the end result. Furthermore, the matcha in the scones would alleviate any guilt you could feel because of overindulging.

Ranging from essential antioxidants to various vitamins, Matcha is loaded with wonderful elements that would boost the flavor and texture of scones. 

Matcha cookies

What is better than having matcha cake?

The chunky bite-sized matcha cookies!

These cookies are chewy and flavorful. They have a delicate texture, which breaks apart like a dream. Although most people like to have these cookies, to give these desserts an extra oomph, you can also prepare a Matcha frosting to go along with the cookies. Even if you overindulge these sweet treats, you would not be left feeling, remorseful or guilty.

Furthermore, by placing these cookies in an air-tight or any well-sealed container, you can keep them fresh for three days straight. Consequently, by making a full batch of these amazing cookies, you no longer have to worry about midnight cravings. 

Matcha cake roll

Although one can consume Matcha in the form of a drink or by gulping Matcha Powder Capsules form, we suggest you consume Matcha in your baked goods.

This scrumptious cake is the definition of perfection and refreshing addition to your evening supper.  Not only are they easy to make, but they are also effortlessly pretty to look at. 

Furthermore, these cake rolls have an interesting vegetal taste that would leave you feeling fresh.

  1. Cranberry Matcha cupcakes

There is something so mystical about matcha cranberry cupcakes that you will get hooked the instant you would put them in your mouth.

Contrary to the above-mentioned desserts, these cupcakes might need a bit more sophistication to make. However, we can guarantee you one thing, the end result of these cupcakes is so good that you would be more than ready to make them again and again.

So are you ready to get your baking game on? Don’t forget to add depth and nuance to baked goods with a powerful dose of Matcha!


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