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5 Effective Web Design Tips

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The success of every website depends on a couple of factors. If you are going to become a top-class website designer, you would need to have these tips at the back of your hand. You can smell a professionally designed website from a thousand miles away. The same can be applicable when you come across one that has been poorly designed. 

Before any other promotional work can be done to announce whatever your clients are selling, the website needs to be good from every perspective you want to look at it from. For someone who is looking forward to becoming a successful web designing in Dubai, here are some tips to get you started.

Do not stress your users

This one may sound too familiar, but the truth is that 50% of website designers are still making this mistake. It is hard to tell why that is the case. But this is the best way to put users off. Nobody likes to deal with anything that will give them stress. Not even you!

A complex looking website with difficult navigation and other characteristics is not a way to show that you are good as a designer. It is when people come to your site and do things without asking anyone for help; that is what qualifies you as the master. It is not the other way around. A self-explanatory website is what you should be aiming to deliver, and nothing short. So it is important that you don’t stress your users in any way. 

Effective writing is necessary

It is not just about coding and visual designs or whatever. The text that make up your content also has to be top-class. Clear cut communication is crucial if you want the website to achieve all its business goals. Every word should be written in simple and clear English. That way, end-users will not need to ask anybody or even get confused on what they should do next. 

I have been to websites where you cannot tell what they are asking you to do by reason of the text on the webpage. That’s bad for design, as that will not allow you to achieve your objectives. 

Feature exposure is great

It is not enough to have certain functionalities on your webpage. But it means everything for those functionalities to be visible and conspicuous where anybody can see them. If a button or a caption cannot be seen for obvious reasons, then the very reason why that thing was put there in the first place would have been defeated. 

Non-responsive websites are the ones that normally have these challenges. That is because when you try to render them on specific devices, some components on the web page would be missing. That would make it hard for users to do what they are supposed to. So you should always strive to ensure that feature exposure remains on your mind as you design any website. Professional web designers Dubai ought to practice this all the time. 

The simpler the better

People like it when a website looks simple. How much content have you put in there? Have you stocked the whole place with one or two items? The fewer items you have on the page, the easier it is for users to play around. According to a recent survey, end-users struggle with websites that have too many functionalities on them. 

The truth is that some of those functionalities are not needed. That is why people will always prefer to visit the simple websites. Whether they want to buy something or just download their favorite content, they will always go to where they will not find things difficult. 

Stick with conventions

Speak a language that they already understand. Use pictures to convey your message if that is what works. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel by trying to do anything new. Conventions are what you should follow. There is a conventional approach for designing a web page. Find out what those norms are. Going outside those conventions is like ignoring the best practices or industry standards. 

It is not as if you cannot try something new as a web designing Dubai. There is always a place for you to spark up your creativity. But you have to be careful not to go against the approaches that have worked in the past. If you design your website in a way that people are not familiar with, you will have yourself to blame. 


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