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5 Easy Steps to Migrate Email to Microsoft Office 365

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Migrating your email to Microsoft Office 365 has a host of benefits. The most compelling reason to migrate is that it can reduce costs and boost productivity.

Are you planning to migrate email to Microsoft Office 365? Well, you need a concrete plan.

Improved user experience and seamless transition can unlock many Office 365 benefits for your business. Planning might feel inconsequential right now. However, Office 365 migration strategy reduces the risk of failures.

Here are five tried and tested steps for migrating email to Micorosft Office 365 that’ll lead to nothing but success!


Step 1: Identify and Analyse

The first step in migrating your email to Office 365 is to identify your needs and requirements. You need to analyse why migrating emails to Office 365 is a need for your business.

On the other hand, there are also compliance requirements you should analyse before migration. Plus, not everyone employee in your organisation has the exact conditions.

Some people check the only email on mobile devices, while others use full Microsoft Office Suite on their desktop. By identifying and analysing, you’ll have a better understanding of which migration plan to pick.


Step 2: Build a Roadmap

Once you identify your requirements, it is time to draw a roadmap. During migration, it is easy to lose the trajectory of the process. You may also Get Microsoft Office 365 Migration Servicesto help you with the plan.

You also have to determine which migration plan you want to move ahead with – cutover or staged migration. Building a roadmap also includes ensuring that you have all resources to tackle this migration.

You’ll also need to understand what will be configured and migrated. Consider the following areas:

  • Content
  • Non-user mailboxes
  • Shared Mailboxes
  • Lists
  • Licensing


Step 3: Don’t Forget to Test Your Plan

Testing is one of the indispensable steps in the migration process. By testing before performing the migration, you can avoid several technical issues. You can conduct pilot migration to understand if this migration is in the right direction.

Testing will also locate and address any underlying errors. Once you test, you can tweak your migration process based on the learnings.


Step 4: Migrate Email to Microsoft Office 365

After making all the tweaks in the testing phase, you are good to go for a complete email to Microsoft Office 365 migration.

If the process does not involve any third party, you may want to check into migration software to support your team efforts. If you complete the planning step without any flaws, this step will be easy.


Step 5: Validate and Remediate

Finally, it is time you assess the migration. You have to gather feedback from your team on the recent migration.

There might be several problems post-migration that might require fixing. Also, make sure that your Office 365 is updated to the latest version for the best experience. Most experienced Office 365 Migration Solutions providers deem this to be an essential step in the migration process.


Bottom Line

There you have it – the five essential and bulletproof steps to migrate email to Office 365. Follow these five steps, and you’re all set to introduce a whole new level of productivity and convenience.

You may also hire third party partner specializing in Office 365 migration servicesfor a seamless experience.


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