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5 Content Marketing Trends: Turn a Small Business into a Big One

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Announcing the best and readymade handy meal by Colonel Harland Sanders; that travels everywhere. Ready to eat KFC Chicken! It has earned its name as the best fast-food chain throughout the world.

This is a good example of content marketing and it is all about storytelling by the brand to attract the young as well as old generation. A good story connects customers with the brand, evokes emotions, and draws more customers towards it. Therefore, increasing its sales and making more profit. 

A long-lasting strategy adopted by brands or sellers that is appropriate, consistent, and consists of top-class quality content which attracts targeted based customers to them- The ultimate profit solution for the brand.

What is content marketing?

Leading brands like Microsoft, HP, DELL, P&G, NIKE, PUMA, and many other such brands use social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, push notifications, translated updated versions of the content, and videos to keep themselves in trend. Content marketing trends can help a brand to get noticed among billions of other blogs on the internet. 

Why does a content marketing trend change all the time?

Content marketing is ceaselessly evolving, growing, and keeping pace with time. With time agencies and brands have experimented with their content writing form, pattern, words, style, mode, images, and delivery model.  Content should provide value, knowledge, and answer to customer’s questions.

For example, social networking sites like Facebook is more popular among the older and younger population, whereas Instagram is only famous among youth.

5 Content Marketing Trends: Tips!

High-quality, valuable content is the present and future of every brand’s marketing strategy. Brands that provide unpolished, unedited, and authentic content always stay tuned and earn customer’s trust.

Understanding content marketing trends with changing times and customer behaviour and wants based on science and technology can help content writing services update and regulate their marketing strategies and go ahead.

1. Long-Tail watchwords and optimized composition:

Specific keyword and long word count phrases are more relevant and content marketing trends. It also makes it easy for GOOGLE to provide a good SEO ranking. Focus on the content and provide information with specific and proper examples.

2. Content into videos and audios:

Convert the written content into videos, podcasts, opening YouTube channel, eBook, and post on social media. Use Google Discover, and Reddit to engage readers more about your brand.

3. “Story” feature of Instagram and Facebook:

It is an interesting feature available on social networking sites. Live videos, photos can be easily uploaded and can be used via mobile phones, increasing its visibility and discoverability.

4. Google Discover:

Initially, it was known as Google feed; it includes news, important content, photos, and videos. A user’s search history feeds news to engage and provide a seamless customer experience.

You’ll find Google Discover on the mobile page.

5. Target a community:

Initially engage and target a particular section of the crowd towards your brand; grow customer’s trust, loyalty, and faith. Slowly this will help you to reach a wide audience through them. Ask a famous YouTuber or Instagrammer to advertise your brand.


These are few content marketing trends; brands can incorporate them to improve their visibility and sales. But it is highly recommendable to make your research, study your field and then apply strategies to upgrade your business.


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