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5 Common Questions Asked About Shade Sails

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Shade sails are commonly found at homes and commercial properties in most western countries. The advantage of a shade sail is to protect you from heat, UV rays, water and over dust exposure. Shade sails don’t offer a covering from the sides, but they offer a roof that keeps you safe from external factors.

You get sun protection shade sails and waterproof shade sails in the market. But most people find it confusing to choose between one of them. On the other hand, people widely accept waterproof sails because they serve the purpose of protecting you from the sun, wind and water. So if you love to spend time outdoors and don’t want to worry about sun exposure and water spoiling your plans, you need to get a shade sail immediately.

But before that, here are some commonly asked questions about water-resistant shade sails. So, if you have any doubt related to their purchase, maintenance and benefit, scroll down to read further.

What Are The Types Of Shade Sails Available To Buy?

Shade sails come in rectangular, square and triangular shapes. You get designed shades of sails as well as colourful shades. You’ll easily find light and dark colour shades to pick from. The only difference in a waterproof shade is that it comes with a PVC coating that will resist water from spoiling your plans. The quality of a waterproof shade is much better than an ordinary shade because it is treated with a specific solution that offers a layer of extra protection.

Does A Waterproof Shade Stop Rainwater?

The name waterproof in itself means protection from water. But some products fail to prove it true. Therefore, people always have doubts about waterproof products. If you buy a shade sail from a trusted manufacturer, they will provide you with a product warranty and certificate. Don’t forget to thoroughly check the manufacturer’s details before purchasing the product to get a valid value for money.

How Long Does The Waterproof Shade Sail Last?

Suppose you buy a genuine quality product from a trusted manufacturer. It also varies depending on the way you take care of it and install it. A shade sail is detachable and can get reinstalled when required. But you should have the proper knowledge to install it correctly. The average lifespan of waterproof shade sails is two to four years. It can last longer if you preserve it accurately and maintain its quality.

Which Side Of The Shade Sail Should Be Faced Outwards?

When installing the shade sails, keep the side with seams downwards and the other side outwards. It also partially depends on the size and shape of your shade sail, and you can keep a 20-30 degree angle to stop rainwater from pooling up in the middle of the sail.

What Type Of Shade Should You Buy?

Buying a shade sail can be pretty challenging and expensive. Therefore, you need to make sure that you choose the right one to spend a lot of money on. To know which shade sail is right for you, measure the area you are willing to cover. Then, depending on it, you can decide the size and shape that will suit the aesthetics of your property.

These were some frequently asked questions about shade sails. However, if you still want more clarity on them, you can consult an expert who can guide you about choosing the right shade sail for your property and handle the remaining job of installing and maintaining it as well. So, quickly start searching for potential waterproof shade sails manufacturers in your neighbourhood and get their quotation.


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