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5 Common But Incredible Window and Door Designs Used By Developers

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A building without windows and doors is like a tree without leaves – it ceases to serve any purpose. Fenestration is one of the most integral aspects of architecture and the home industry in terms of aesthetics and functionality alike. 

Situated at the threshold separating the indoor spaces from outdoor ones, windows and doors are the most susceptible to damage resulting from external factors like heat, rain, winds etc. Thus, it is imperative for home- and office-owners to choose windows and doors that are of superiorquality and are sturdy and durable. Integrating these two aspects, developers offer window and door designs of various types, customized to suit individual requirements and preferences and the interior décor of the space. Here are some of the standard but distinct door and window designs:

1. Classic Casement Windows and Doors

Casement windows and doors consist of side hinges, which cause them to open inwards or outwards. While casement window designs are commonly used for the main windows in the room, they can also perfectly complement sliding windows and be installed in smaller side window spaces. Due to the ease of handling that they offer, casement doors and windows are perhaps the most commonly found fenestration designs in homes and offices.

2. Contemporary Sliding Windows and Doors

Today, several indoor spaces with large entrances have opted for sliding windows and doors as these can easily glide through longer panels and tracks. Such windows and doors also cause smaller rooms to appear larger due to their overall structures and frameworks. These designs typically allow more sunlight to penetrate the spaces and ensure well-insulated homes and offices. Aluminium sliding windows and doors are resilient to extreme weather conditions and are great long-term investments.

3. Sturdy Awning Doors and Windows

Secured by hinges on the top of the frames, awning windows and doors open vertically rather than horizontally. Theyprovide increased ventilation as the panes may be entirely lifted to the top. Superior-quality aluminium awning windows and doors are sturdy and soundproof and may be easily installed in the smallest thresholds.

4. Anodized Aluminium Windows and Doors

Anodizing refers to the process of thickening windows and doors by coating their aluminium surfaces with acid electrolyte and passing an electric current through them. This process makes the surfaces stronger and resilient to corrosion from wind, rain and extreme weather conditions. Premier aluminium window and door manufacturers offer anodized windows and doors available in various designs and sizes.

5. Bi-Fold Windows and Doors

Quintessential bi-fold windows and doors are as sturdy and durable as they are aesthetic. Bi-fold windows and doors take up lesser wall space when opened and elevate the look and feel of rooms. Today, bi-fold kitchen windows are popular choices in homes as these take up lesser space and offer sufficient ventilation.


While there are a plethora of window and door designs available in the market, the choice largely depends on the location of the window or door in the interior space. Top window and door manufacturers provide their customers with personalized, long-term fenestration solutions that are durable and affordable.


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