5 Car Decal Design Mistakes You Must Avoid for Successful Brand Promotion in 2021

Car stickers can become effective marketing tools provided you get the design right. With vehicle decals and graphics, you can transform your fleet of commercial cars or vans into a cost-effective advertising and branding space. The greatest benefit of using car wraps or stickers is that they are easy on your budget and easy to use.

According to an article published in Huffington Post, you need to know your targeted audience for effective branding. The same rule holds when it comes to your vehicle decals.

However, some marketers fail to reap the benefits out of car stickers due to some common mistakes. Here are five vehicle decal mistakes you must avoid for successful branding in 2021:

1. Not preparing your commercial vehicle or car

Placing your brand stickers on the car is an essential task. Your commercial vehicle should be spick and span, free of dirt, dust, oil, or grease. If not cleaned thoroughly, it will result in poor adhesion and problems such as wrinkling and the formation of bubbles. The dust and dirt might even damage your car paint if dirt is trapped under the decal.

You need to prepare your commercial vehicle before installing the stickers. That is why you professionals do the job so that you face no issues later.

2. Using poor quality car stickers

The decal quality plays an important role in successful brand promotion through your vehicles. Though you may feel tempted to save a few dollars by choosing poor-quality vinyl stickers, it will result in quick wear and tear. It may further cause peeling, bubble formation, and discoloration of your car paint. That’s why you need first-rate car decals that look professional, appealing, and last for a long time.

3. The use of illegible fonts

You use car decals to boost your branding or provide more information to your existing and potential customers. Therefore, using cursive fonts is a great blunder, as they are not easily readable from a distance when a speeding vehicle passes by your prospects and things like that. That is why you need to use sans serif or similar fonts that people can read easily and contact your business for more product or service information. Your customers should be able to read your brand message while driving or from a distance.

4. Placing the car stickers imprecisely

It does not work if you place your car decals anyhow. It calls for professional skills to place the stickers perfectly so that there are no problems like bubbling, wrinkling, patched and warped areas, paint damage, and distortion of color.

5. Using poor contrasting colors

Choosing poor contrasting colors will affect readability. You need to choose colors that contrast well with the text on the car stickers for easy legibility. You must ensure maximum readability of your car decals and graphics. The use of perfectly contrasting colors will make your job easier. If your prospects cannot read your business info, how will they get in touch with you?


Avoid these car decal mistakes to promote your brand successfully. Focus on the best ways to install vehicle stickers to ensure the easy readability of your business and product information.

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