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5 Blogging Tips For Fiction Writers

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This article is for you if you’re a Fiction Writers and don’t know why or how to start blogging. You may be wondering, since writing a book is your main realm, why should you spend time writing on the internet?

Creating a fiction book and getting it published isn’t enough for you as an author in today’s digital world. You’ll have to expand your digital network, connect with people online, and share what you think is valuable. Blogging lets your audience know you personally, which increases your fanbase.  

If you have started a blog and are struggling to build an audience or don’t know how to make progress, here are some quick blogging tips to help you create a successful blog. Don’t worry if you have no time to invest in blogging. You can work with fiction writers for hire who have experience in writing books and promoting them online.

Let’s get started.

Write about things that interest you.

Being an author doesn’t mean you write about writing advice or what it takes to write a book. They’re great for providing your audience insight, but you shouldn’t limit your blog posts to this particular topic.

Think about what interests you daily that you want to put up in front of an audience. You can write about your family, day-to-day life, hobbies, and even your deepest fears. The point of connecting to people is allowing them to know you personally and what inspires you to ‘create.’

Share your knowledge or expertise.

Tell your audience what you know and do best. Do you have experience roaming around the world? Do you know a great deal about painting and crafts? Or do you study creative writing in grad school or maybe liberal arts?

Whatever the area of expertise, you can share your enormous knowledge with all kinds of people. Just be sure to delve only a little into the technical details of a topic and keep it easy to read.

Share your writing experience.

This is a no-brainer. People love to know about your writing experience- what inspires you to write, your process, how you derive inspiration, and how you manage writing with everything else in your life.

You can help people figure out what’s missing in their fiction stories and help them polish the elements of storytelling by sharing your struggles and obstacles related to writing a book.

Build an email list.

Adding people to your email lists would be a great option if you want to market yourself as an author and establish authority on digital platforms. This will help you create a fanbase and keep your readers updated about your new blog posts and book updates. You can use Mailchimp or Convertkit for collecting email addresses and sending important updates and information.

Write daily or regularly.

We know blogging isn’t what you should be doing all the time when you also have to manage writing books and keep up with other tasks. Make a habit of updating your blog posts regularly, and don’t ditch them altogether. You can write daily or a few times a week – try writing something at least once a week and think that you have to be present online to inform your readers about what’s new. Being in touch will help you market yourself better as an author.

These were 5 tips on improving your blog writing experience to expand your network and promote yourself to ensure success. Fiction Writers


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