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5 Best Rakhi to Send Abroad: Raksha Bandhan 2021!!

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Raksha Bandhan is one such festival celebrated across the country with equal happiness, dignity, and joy. Because it promotes the idea of togetherness, Rakhi Day creates unity among society. Raksha Bandhan is a celebration that honors the tradition of a sister tying a Rakhi on a brother’s wrist. On the day of Raksha Bandhan’s festival, you can show your respect and love for your beloved sibling or for someone who always cares about you. 

Rakhi threads nowadays come in a wide range of designs that fit into a variety of classifications. You may effortlessly send special rakhi to your favorite brother in UAE or anyplace else in the world. It is now safe and convenient to send rakhi to UAE via a reputable online rakhi shop. Hundreds of creative ideas are introduced to the market each year. The following are some exquisite and classic rakhi threads that will never go out of style. If you want to send rakhi to your brother who lives far away, the following rakhi can be a good option:

∙        Rakhi Rudraksha

In Hinduism, Rudraksha is a type of seed with holy value. Having a Rudraksha may assist you in calming. Rudraksha rakhis are sacred threads that connect siblings. If your brother is far away from you, can send this rakhi for his wellbeing.  Rudraksha is a magical bead that protects its wearer from suffering and anguish. It also brings them a healthy lifestyle and success in their lives. Sending your brother, a Rudraksha rakhi would remind him that you love and care about him.

∙        Pure Chandan Rakhi

Chandan Rakhis are Rakhis that are fashioned with sandalwood. Chandan Rakhis are popular since of their unique characteristics. It is one of the perfect rakhis for approaching rakhi day. Chandan Rakhi is a good pick among females due to its unique scent and beauty. Chandan Rakhi is an excellent choice if you want to send something exceptional to your brother who lives in the UK. Send rakhi to UK with a reliable online rakhi shop.

∙        Zardosi Rakhi

Zardosi is a stunning and innovative embroidery on fabric that uses gold and silver threads. Zardosi, a Persian approach, has advanced to even higher levels of intricacy in India. You can find the best assortment of rakhis on the online rakhi shop, which are the best of the Zardosi Rakhi. Zardosi rakhis are traditional rakhis that appeal to brothers of all ages and add a brilliant shine to the sacred thread. So, send this lovely rakhi to your brother, and amaze him.

∙        Swastika Rakhi

For your beloved dear brother, nothing is more promising than a Swastik rakhi. That’s because Swastika’s symbol and related to prayers that are meant to protect your brother from harm, illness, and sorrow. So, if you choose a Swastik rakhi for your brother, it will undoubtedly bring him calm, wealth, and blessings. Also, Swastik rakhis are linked to riches and overall wellness. 

∙        Mauli Rakhi

Mauli is a sacred thread in India that is used in several religious ceremonies throughout the country. It’s among the most conventional rakhis, and it’s a great one to send your brother for the upcoming Rakhi festivities. Mauli Rakhi is recognized for its various colors and design. You can quickly check out multiple types of Mauli rakhis online to send your brother for a rakhi celebration.

Auspicious and classic rakhi that you will find online is much more than a thread; it is a unique and unrivaled bond that expresses the siblings’ friendship dedication, care, respect, and togetherness. You can find lucky and classic rakhis on a trustworthy online rakhi shop.  Raksha Bandhan is a beautiful way to highlight the richness of Indian values and customs. SendRakhi.com, a reliable and reputable online rakhi business, offers you the chance to send rakhi to USA. The dependable online portal provides prompt rakhi delivery all around the world.


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