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5 Best Fat Burning Exercises Which You Can Easily Do At Home

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Are you thinking about burning those extra calories and getting rid of that extra layer of fat that’s been there for too long? If yes, then you are reading the right post on fat-burning techniques. We all know that with a bit of gymming, everyone can get rid of fat, but during the testing times of COVID-19 infection at peak, people want to skip gyms. This article brings five best fat-burning exercises which can be quickly done at home, without investing too much in a gym membership or costly equipment for maintaining your fitness, even you can suggest these easy exercises to your kids as well.

But before you start with our do-it-yourself fat burning exercises, you should know some basic facts to support your workout regime:

  • Respect Your Limits 

If you are new to exercising, the chances are that you will run out of stamina now and then. When you can’t go beyond some point, there’s no rationale for you to continue. You should stop and start exercising the other day. If you go beyond your stamina, the only thing that will happen is – you won’t show up for another couple of days or so.

  • Hydrate Enough 

If you work out for too long, and that too without drinking plenty of water, dehydration will get to you, not suitable for health. You need to drink water time and again to stay fit and fine. 

  • Supplements Might Help 

Various supplements and multivitamins might also help boost the exercise routine, so you burn fat efficiently. If you plan to buy CanadianAnabolics Steriods online to complement your exercise routine, consult an expert before you begin.

Now that you are aware of the necessary facts, here are five fat burning exercises for you to try:

  1. Jump Squats

Squats are a great way to get those butt muscles building, but if your goal is to lose weight, you need to modify this conventional exercise. Once you alter regular squats to jump squats, it will turn into an effective cardio movement that will increase your heart rate, perspiration and eventually help you burn fat.  

For starters, you need to get perfect at squatting so that you don’t accidentally get injured. 

  • Start with widening your feet; the distance should be a notch more than that between your shoulders.
  • Once done, bend down into the squatting position and let your thighs and the floor get parallel. 
  • After completing the going down part, when you are about to rise, add a little power and jump a bit. This will give you significant momentum and will help you burn fat. 
  1. Revisit Your Childhood – Jump Rope 

If you have the perspective in mind that only kids play jump ropes, and it’s of no use to you, we regret to inform you that you are wrong. The specialty of this simple exercise is that it helps your heart pump blood faster than anything. At the same time, it’s negligibly priced (too low). 

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What’s more, to it is – jumping rope will also increase your metabolism significantly. This is made possible by a condition called Excessive Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC. What this means is, calorie-burning will go on inside your body well after you finish working out. Your body will use the extra fats continually to repair itself. So yes, jumping rope is a cheap and effective way to burn extra fat at home. 

  1. Russian Twist Exercise

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It’s a core workout that increases muscle strength and burns fat. The Russian Twist is to be done with a medicine ball by holding it in your hands and rotating your torso. You will have to be seated on the ground while doing so. 

  • Keep the medicine ball at your chest’s elevation and then sit on the ground, keeping your spine up to an angle of 45 degrees. 
  • Now in this position, keep turning to your left and right (with the ball still in your hand), and this will be one rep. 

You should do reps as per your stamina and keep your oblique muscle moving vigorously to help you burn fat. 

  1. Swimming 

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Yes, it’s a kind of exercise too, and it can help you burn fat if you do it in the right way. As per research, swimming can tone muscles, decrease your BMI and fat percentage of the body. This is because swimming burns a lot of calories. But sitting idle in the water and playing with friends doesn’t count as swimming. You will have to do actual lapses to feel the exercise’s efficiency to burn fat. 

Also, you need to follow a good diet and swim to lose fat in a sustaining way. 

  1. Fat Burning With Rowing Machine 

Nowadays, who rows a boat? That’s why we have rowing machines in our gyms. You need to team up with the rowing machine and do some reps to burn the extra fat in your body. 

Exercising with a rowing machine will shoot up your cardio rate and eventually help you burn fat. An ideal way is to start with 30 seconds of rowing and 15 seconds of resting your body to normal. Within some days, you will see the desired results. Your first aim should be to row almost 400 meters as quickly as you could. Every day, note your performance and get better with time. 


The above were some fat-burning exercises that could help you sustainably burn fat if you do them dedicatedly. Keep in mind that only exercising won’t help. You will have to follow a good diet and healthy lifestyle to maintain your body. 


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