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5 Best Car cad Block Websites for Architects

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5 Best Car cad Block Websites for Architects and create 3d model

As you know all the architects and students need cad blocks in order to complete their Autocad projects .

Specially , car blocks have a lot of fans .

You can not find a project that you won’t need a car block .  

you would need the 2d cars for designing the site or designing the parking and etc… .

if you are the person who is paying attention to the quality of the designs , you may prefer the famous car blocks .

surely in order to download the high quality models , you must make a payment .

but in this post we have gathered the best websites which are providing the hiqgh quality dwg models in low price .

Also we have introduced 2 useful websites which are free but may not meet all of your needs .

We have lots of blogs and websites in whole the word which are providing Autocad cad blocks in dwg format .

In this post , we have focused on websites that we can download car dwg cad blocks .

These websites are specialist in this category .


This website , is providing lots of dwg models , free cad plans , and specially cad blocks .

You are free to use these models in order to complete your cad projects or use as a sketch to create 3d model .

These 2d models could be run in Autocad or other related software .

If you pay attention,  each car cad block involves 4 views ( top , front , rear , side ) .

You can find lots of famous car cad blocks in this website .

Mercedes benz , Suzuki , BMW , Lexus , Honda , Toyota , Subaro , Maserati , Bentley ,Mazda , Ford , Nissan , Chevrolet , Porsche , Lamborghini , Peugeot , Cadillac , Ferrari , McLaren , Audi , Mitsubishi and etc … .

You will access all these blocks by signing up and paying one month membership fee for 10 Euro .


cadblock.com is another website that you can find lots of car dwg models.

As Freecadplan.com , this website is providing the 2d models in 4 views .

You must pay 5 dollars for each block you want to download .

The quality of blocks provided in this website equals to freecadplan.com


This website in one the websites that is providing lots of vector drawings .

You can find the car models in following formats :

Drawing Exchange Format (.dxf)

AutoCAD (.dwg)

Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg)

Portable Document Format (.pdf)

Encapsulated Postscript (.eps)

Adobe Illustrator (.ai)

The price of blocks in this website is more expensive than the previous websites that we introduced in the above .

Estimately you must pat 20Euro for each block .


if you don’t want to pay and you don’t need to download the car dwg cad blocks in full details and you only want to download a car block without paying attention to the model of the car , cadblocksfree will be right choice .

you can find lots of free models in this website , although you may requested to pay for some of  High quality  cad blocks .

for downloading high quality models , you must pay at least £17.00 for 10 downloads .

Cad-blocks. net

This website like cadblocksfree is providing 2d car models .

You can find car models in plan and elevation view .

This website is not providing famous car models Unlike the first 3 websites which I introduced .

You can download the car collections for free .


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