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5 Best Application Security Practices

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It is very important for the organization to indulge in the android app security testing so that the best possible applications are always launched into the market without any kind of hassle and consumer operations can be very easily fulfilled.

 Following are some of the very basic practices to be taken into consideration by the organizations at the time of conducting the android application testing, so that all the standards are very efficiently met, are:

1. It is very important to enforce the secure communication: It is very important for the organizations to properly safeguard the data so that exchange between the applications can be dealt-with perfectly and overall stability of the application can be improved. This particular concept will always help in protecting the data which the company is sending and receiving. The organizations can depend upon utilization of the apply signature based permissions and disallowing the access to the application content providers as well.

  1. It is very crucial to ask for credentials before showing up the sensitive information: Whenever the users are requesting credentials from the users it will make sure that sensitive information or premium content will be accessed which is the main reason that it is important for the applications to ask for pin or password or depending on the biometric credentials to further enhance the security.
  2. It is important to apply different kinds of network security measures: The organizations can depend upon several kinds of measures to describe and improve the overall security of the application network. For this purpose, SSL traffic can be utilized and security configuration of the network can be very easily added. It is also very much important to create the trust manager so that handling of SSL warnings can be perfectly undertaken.
  3. It is important to use the web view objects carefully: It is very much important for the organization to allow listed content for viewing the web view objects. This particular object in the application should never allow the users to navigate to the websites which are out of the control of the business. Hence, in addition to all these kind of things it is highly advisable for the organization is to never enable the JavaScript interface support until and unless the concerned people are able to completely control interest the content in the applications web view objects. It is also very much important to utilize the HTML message channels instead of communicating between the website and application.
  4. It is important to use the intends to defer the permissions: Whenever possible it is highly advisable to never add the permission to the application to complete a particular action which could be completed in another app. Hence, it is important to use the intent to defer the request of a different application that already has the required permissions.

    Apart from all the above mentioned practices, it is also very much important for the organizations to share the data security laws the applications and depend on the best practices in the industry so that mobile application security and penetration testing can be perfectly carried out and the best of the applications are launched into the market.


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