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Link building is a powerful tool for SEO. It can also be regarded as one of the most efficient tools for marketing approach in digital medium. Link building is actually a link between two websites. It facilitates the movement of the search bot from content of one website to the other, in search for in depth knowledge. Link building is carried out not only between websites but also internally within the website. If we follow the best practice for SEO, then internal linking of pages within a website can promote better crawlability for the search bot and hence better SEO.  It is also commonly noticed that due to link building process, the marketing techniques are highlighted and thus people tend to confuse SEO with marketing approach.

But in reality, optimization facilitate marketing and link building. There are two types of backlinks that are prevalent in digital marketing i.e., Nofollow links and Follow links.

SEOCalling bring to you five benefits of nofollow backlinks that can help you while you create your inbound link profile.

What is Nofollow link?

Nofollow links is an HTML attribute that tells the search bot that this hyperlink should not influence the link target’s ranking in search engine results. This is mainly used to reduce the effective of spam and increases the credibility in the search results. This attribute seeks search engine bot for not to follow the link.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of nofollow links. Today, SEOCalling bring to you the most prominent benefit of nofollow links that can be very beneficial for the website owners.

It improves the website traffic

Nofollow links are an excellent way to improve the traffic on the website. Any link that is received from forum posting and blog posting are all nofollow mainly. But these are extremely useful for better ranking of the website. Submitting your website in nofollow website will indirectly pull the visitors with great comments.

Maintaining Link Building Balance

Natural link building profile is necessary for an effective link building. Search engines examines the type and quality of links earned which shows how healthy is the backlink profile. If the profile only has high dofollow links then the website is having a non-organic profile and can also be punished. Hence it is important to gain nofollow links so that the link profile does not look like spammy to the search engine.

Improves website branding and authority

The more the brand name is seen in the community targeted to your niche industry, the better. This way brand’s trust quotient is increased. Links on authority blog comments, discussion forums etc. increases the authority for the brand. So if you post quality comment on different forums, chances are other bloggers would connect and go through your blog.

Boost domain authority and PA authority

Nofollow links are useful to boost the Alexa rank and increase DA and DR. These metrics are highly needed for a better online presence. These metrics are not direct yet influential for SERPs RANKING. So, if you earn high quality Nofollow links, it can effortlessly help to boost DA, PA and other metrics.

Improve relationship with bloggers

Commenting on others blog post can definitely build a relationship between you and other bloggers and further improve linking opportunity. If you keep on posting valuable content, then chances are slowly people will look up to your website and start trusting the information within the site.


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