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5 Benefits Of Imparting Holistic Education In Boarding Schools

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Education forms an important and crucial part in a child’s futuristic development and growth. It enables the child to have various skills and knowledge, essential to survive and excel in various challenges in life. These are the times with greater emphasis on the holistic growth of children, imparting an education that looks over the various academic and non-academic aspects. It is the education of the whole person that help improve student achievement. The goal of holistic education is to cultivate and develop a child’s physical, emotional, moral, psychological, and spiritual attributes.

The basic idea is to provide various opportunities to the students that are personalised to their skills and feelings. Holistic education is guided by one overarching philosophy, where teachers are free to employ a number of methods and strategies to create a holistic learning culture. Schools are incorporating a curriculum that is designed keeping holistic goals in mind.

GD Goenka Signature School

The various benefits of imparting holistic education to students are:   

  • Builds Confidence: Making them equipped with various skills instils in them unmatched confidence. The school and teachers, under a holistic curriculum, provide them with various opportunities that recognise their unique talent and skills and cater to them diligently. They treat every strength equally and offers guidance as per the needs of the students.  
  • Incorporates Emotional Reflection: The students know where to find what they need and how to apply the knowledge aptly. They are well-versed to adapt and innovate in case of any crisis or problem.  
  • Improved Academic Achievements: Holistic education looks over an individual’s learning style and encourages that. It outdates the common style of making everyone learn at the same pace. Learning takes off the moment a student is not able to adopt a group’s style. The individualistic approach to learning helps students understand and perform better academically. 
  • Enhanced Mental & Emotional Well-Being: Students take up real-world problems that stretch their creativity. They learn how to gather and analyse the situation and collaborate with others, when situation demands.   
  • Reduced Impact of Inequities: Holistic education is not just for traditional classrooms in public and private schools. It is well-incorporated in an environment like that of a boarding school. By emphasizing integrated learning concepts throughout, they imbibe whole-child approach in education. And it has shown to reduce the psychological impact of issues.

GD Goenka Signature School is the best residential school in India, offering holistic education to all students. It understands the importance of overall growth and development in students and imparts a conducive environment in this aspect. They are equipped with experienced and learned faculty that understands the needs and requirements of every student with utmost care and empathy. They are a great choice of a residential school in India. Visit the website for more information. 


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