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5 Benefits of Going to a Premium Car Wash

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There is no shortage of car wash options out there. Each of these is capable of getting your car clean, sure. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re created equal.

See, there are premium car washes in existence, and they’ll give you benefits that you won’t find with other types of car washes. Wondering about the particular benefits of a premium car wash? Here are 5 of them now!

1. You’ll Get Free Vacuum Time

Want the interior of your vehicle to be just as clean as the exterior of your vehicle? If so, a premium car wash will serve you well.

See, premium car washes offer free vacuum service along with every wash. So, after every exterior washing, you’ll have the opportunity to tidy up the interior of your automobile also, at no additional expense.

2. You’ll Get Carnauba Wax Applications

If you want your vehicle to look as aesthetically pleasing as possible, and if you want to protect its paint job as much as possible, you should apply carnauba wax to it every month or so. Now, you could do this on your own. On the other hand, you could have someone do it for you at a premium car wash.

Premium car washes often offer this service as part of their membership packages. Therefore, once you’ve purchased a membership, you can get as many wax applications as you desire.

For an example of this, visit this premium carwash.

3. You’ll Get Tire Shines

Not only will you get carnauba wax applications, but you’ll also get tire shines. These include the use of Wheel Brite, an acidic substance that eats away at grease buildup and leaves hub caps looking as clean as possible.

Again, many premium car washes offer this as part of their membership packages. So, you can get as many Wheel Brite applications as you’d like at just one monthly price.

4. You’ll Get Ceramic Protectant Applications

Want to protect your paint job from bird droppings, sap, and other sticky substances? If so, you should consider applying a ceramic protectant to your vehicle. This is a clear barrier that sticks to your vehicle’s paint, thereby protecting it from external stimuli.

As with tire shines and carnauba wax applications, ceramic protectants are offered through premium car wash subscriptions on a regular basis.

5. You’ll Get Undercarriage Rust Inhibitor Applications

Finally, you’ll get undercarriage rust inhibitor applications. This is a substance that prevents future rusting in a vehicle’s undercarriage. It goes a long way in the realm of vehicle care and can add years to your vehicle’s lifespan.

Most premium car washes offer this application as part of their membership packages.

There’s No Car Wash Better Than a Premium Car Wash

If you want the best car care possible, you should head to a premium car wash. Not only will you be able to wash your car with soap and water, but you’ll also have the option for carnauba wax applications, wheel brite applications, and more.

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