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5 Benefits for Using Airless Pump Packaging

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Did you know that the global beauty industry is expected to reach a value of $863 billion by the end of the year 2024? When it comes to the beauty industry, one of the biggest advances in sustainable beauty is the use of the airless pump for product packaging.

The airless pump works flawlessly with both a plastic container and a glass container to fill the packaging without allowing any air in. This is vital for keeping the ingredients in the beauty products fresh and it allows them to last a long time. But what are all of the benefits that they provide?

You’ve come to the right place to learn about the benefits that you’ll see from using an airless pump. Continue reading to learn about the five biggest benefits that an airless pump will provide your beauty business.

1. An Airless Pump Preserves Antioxidants

One of the primary reasons that companies use airless pumps for packaging their products is that it helps with preserving the antioxidants in those products. Antioxidants are vital for healthy skin because they help to repair any damage caused by the free radicals located in your body.

The downside to that is that the antioxidants begin to break down quickly after they’ve been exposed to air and light. This combination of air and light leads to the process of oxidation. A good example of this is fresh fruit like an apple or a pear. Soon after you cut it into pieces, those pieces will begin to turn brown.

Antioxidants work in much the same way as the inside of an apple or a pear. Soon after exposure to light and oxygen, the antioxidants will start to degrade and go bad. This hampers their ability to fight the free radicals located within your body.

2. Contamination Prevention

There are multiple contaminants that you should worry about when it comes to using beauty products like those in the skincare sector. The most common contaminants when it comes to skincare products are fungi, bacteria, and yeast. These contaminants pose health dangers if you use products contaminated with them. 

It is for these reasons that using an airless pump is the best decision for product packaging in the beauty industry. While preservatives are a great way to combat contaminants in your beauty products, airless pumps will ensure that nothing gets into the product that will ruin it.

The biggest reasons that bacteria and fungi grow in beauty products are because of poor product packaging and people sampling the products by dipping their fingers into them. This promotes the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms that can cause health implications.

This leads to another benefit that comes with airless pumps. You only touch the product that you’re using. The rest remains sealed within the packaging and safe from contaminants. This means that bacteria and fungi growth is decreased by up to 90 percent compared to non-airless pump packaging.

3. Extends the Shelf Life

If you haven’t noticed a common theme yet, one of the most important things for keeping beauty products in good condition is preventing them from being exposed to air and light. This is because of the antioxidants and the negative effects that light and air have on them.

A big benefit of using an airless pump design for product packaging is that it extends the shelf life of the beauty product for much longer versus other types of product packaging. This means that you can keep the product for much longer and not have to worry about it diminishing in quality.

Keeping these products protected from light and air also helps to keep them stable. This is especially important for products like lotions that are a combination of water and oil. If they’re exposed to too much light and air they will begin to separate and the product will no longer be useful. Airless packaging goes a long way towards keeping things like lotion in good condition.

4. Reliable Dispensing

Another key thing to consider when it comes to beauty products is that you don’t want to use more than you need. Beauty products aren’t cheap so reliable dispensing is important. One of the biggest causes of contamination with beauty products is accidentally taking more than you need and trying to put some back.

Airless pump product packaging allows you to take the exact amount that you need because you’ll know exactly how much to expect with each pump that you give. The airless pump technology is also great because it doesn’t matter the angle that the container is at. All you need to do is pump and the product will dispense properly.

This makes products with an airless pump dispensing great for traveling or carrying with you in a purse or backpack because it won’t matter if the bottle ends up upside down or on its side. It is perfect for functional beauty purposes.

5. Little to No Product Waste

When it comes to sustainable beauty, having the least amount of waste possible is a big priority. The good news is that airless pump technology helps to prevent wasting even the smallest amounts of product. Beauty products aren’t cheap so you never want to see any go to waste.

This waste is most apparent with products that cling to the inside of the packaging in a place where you’re unable to reach it. This makes it unusable for you and leads to it going to waste. Airless pump technology eliminates this frustrating predicament.

An airless pump uses a disc inside of the packaging that is airtight and helps to push all of the product up from the bottom of the container so that you always get your money’s worth. Using this technology not only prevents waste but will also save you money over the course of the year.

Start Using Airless Pump Product Packaging Today

When it comes to beauty products, nothing is worse than them becoming contaminated or going to waste. Thankfully, the airless pump goes a long way towards preventing waste and contamination, helping you get the most for your money. It also helps you dispense an ideal amount of the product when you’re wanting to use it.

Best of all, it helps to keep your beauty products fresh and stable for months or even years to come. This means that you won’t need to spend more money on a costly replacement every few months.

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