5 Area Rug Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

Undoubtedly, just like any other part of your home, your area rugs require proper maintenance too. Proper area rug cleaning is quite imperative to avoid premature wear and tear. That’s why; it is necessary to clean your area rug frequently, as it is the most acceptable way to keep it in good condition. However, mistakes are common, especially when you don’t know how to clean your area rug like a pro.

Therefore, the current discussion highlights five common mistakes to avoid while cleaning your area rug in 2021. Indeed, proper consideration will help you in avoiding such mistakes in a better way. However, it is suggested to hire professional area rug cleaners for Area Rug Cleaning Pickup and Delivery because only the expert can take good care of expensive rugs.

Common Area Rug Cleaning Mistakes: How to Avoid Them?

Here’s how you can shun some widespread area rug cleaning mistakes.

  • Don’t Rub A Stain

‘Rubbing a stain’ is one of the most common and frequent mistakes that badly damages the elegant area rug. That’s why; it is somewhat necessary to keep in mind that rubbing a stain can make it stubborn. Unquestionably, it requires effort, considerable time, and professional skills to remove stubborn stains entirely.

Remember, rubbing stains can push stain particles into the area rug’s fiber and to its base as well. Additionally, rubbing stains unprofessionally can harm the overall eminence and quality of a rug.

The best way to deal with such obstinate stains is to blot them, NOT rub them. You can use a clean cloth for blotting purposes. Also, keep an extra dry cloth with you because you can use a dry cloth for perfect blotting.

If you think you can’t eradicate unwanted stain from the rug and rubbing it can damage the rug’s fiber, then you should think about taking professional assistance. The competent rug cleaners use the latest tools and equipment to remove dirt, grime, dust, and stains from the carpet.

  • Prefer Area Rug and Runners Over Carpets

Nowadays, posh and stylish area rugs are in trend because they enhance a place’s overall aesthetic. That’s why; homeowners place such chic area rugs in their guest rooms to grab everyone’s attention. Generally, some people prefer carpets over rugs, but they should know that it is not an easy task to clean a rug.

Therefore, it is recommended to use runners and area rugs instead of carpets. They can ideally protect heavy traffic areas of your carpet from undesired wear and tear. Also, it is quite convenient and economical to clean area rugs and cleaners. Lastly, they can make your home look fresh and new.

So, it is preferable to use runners and area rugs for better aesthetic and protection of your home.

  • Don’t Choose The Wrong Stain Remover

Surely, it’s a fact that not everyone knows all the relevant information about area rugs. For instance, only the professionals know all significant area rug material types (including silk rug, cotton rug, wool rug, faux fur, Persian rug, etc.). No denial; each type has a unique material and requires extra care.

That’s why; it is strongly recommended to avoid using the wrong stain remover for your rug. Each material requires a different type of care and equipment for the perfect eradication of stains.

Nevertheless, we recommend hiring a professional area rug cleaning company for the flawless removal of such stains. The expert can better evaluate your rug type and can suggest proper stain removal for it.

  • Vacuum More Often

Just like any other part of your home, your area rugs need proper care and attention too. Usually, their color starts fading if you don’t clean or vacuum them regularly. Please don’t wait until you see a noticeable layer of dust on your rug because you can’t clean it easily. So, develop the habit of cleaning your area rug once a week or thrice a month.

Usually, people vacuum their rugs occasionally, and it’s not suitable for your rug’s fiber. So, it is better to use a top-quality vacuum cleaner for your rug and remove dust particles like they never existed.

Interestingly, regular vacuum cleaning enhances the rug’s quality and can make it look fluffy.

  • Take Professionals’ Help

No denial; DIY rug cleaning can save your money, but it can destroy your expensive rug if you don’t know anything about rug cleaning. Hence, it is suggested to take the assistance of professional rug cleaners. The expert and qualified cleaners use their exceptional skills and up-to-date tools for the impeccable removal of all types of obstinate stains.

Moreover, they guide you about maintaining the overall quality of an area rug for a longer time.


So, don’t you think the mistakes mentioned above are quite common? Admittedly, they are, but you have to avoid them if you genuinely intend to keep your area rug in a well-represented condition. Always hire professionals for this purpose and let them clean your area rug like a pro.

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