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What is the definition of video animation?

The technique of sketching and sewing together many pictures (or drawings) to generate the illusion of movement is called “animation.”

Adding different features to animation and distributing it in a video file format is known as video animation: the few most popular video file formats are .p4,.avi,.wmv, and .ov.

Different styles of Video Animation 

  1. Live-Action Video

A combination of Live Action and Video animation is known as Live-Animation. You film actors performing a particular scenario, and after you’ve recorded all of your necessary footage, you add animation elements like text, graphics, transitions, etc. What’s impressive about Live-Animation is that it’s really simple to create, even if you’re a novice. It also adds flavor to your standard live-action video, making it more entertaining.

2. Whiteboard Video Animation

Whiteboard Animation is an all-time favorite. It’s a video in which whiteboard graphics are draw on a whiteboard, usually accompanied by a narrative. Some whiteboard animators create their illustrations. Others employ pre-drawn graphics that may be dragg and dropp onto the whiteboard. To add some flair to your whiteboard, you can add transitions, text, or effects. Typically, whiteboard animation is follow by narration to help explain what’s happening on the screen. It helps present a tale or make an instructional movie for kids.

3. Motion Graphic Animation

Motion Graphic Animation is a type of animation video in which the video’s animated parts are motion graphics. Make a graphic design move by imagining it. Now add background music, narration, and text to those moving graphic designs. 

A Motion Graphic Animation doesn’t have to be spectacular or expensive to be effective. In reality, basic motion graphics are the most effective. Motion Graphic Animation can tell a story, teach complex topics, and promote your company’s products.

4. Kinetic-Typography Animation

It is highly similar to Motion Graphic Animation. Instead of visual designs moving, the text is moving this time. Animators commonly use this to communicate ideas. These videos are frequently accompanied by narration to ensure the message is conveye clearly. Kinetic typography can also be utilize to elicit emotion. These can benefit from lyric videos, client testimonials, informational videos, and ads.


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