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5 Affordable Ways to Enhance the Exterior of Your Home

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Whether you want to enhance the overall exterior of your property for your own personal happiness, or you are looking to move house and want to increase the curb appeal of your home as much as possible, first impressions count and it is important to spend time designing the exterior of your home with affordability and aesthetic impact in mind.

Here are five affordable ways to enhance the exterior of your home.

1.    A Fresh Lick of Paint

Regardless of the material your front door is made of, be it fibreglass, steel or traditional wood, the unpredictable British weather inevitably takes its toll on the exterior of the home. One of the most affordable yet equally as effective ways to improve the first impressions of your property is to paint your front door, letterbox and any other areas around the door in a contrasting and even vibrant, uniform colour.

2.    Repair the Roof

Regularly repairing the roof of your home will ensure the longevity of the roof and save you significant amounts of money in the long-run. A newly renovated roof will also improve the curb appeal of your property, heighten the property’s overall energy efficiency level and, perhaps one of the most lucrative benefits, roof repairs may reduce the cost of insuring your home and decrease your insurance premiums.

3.    Update Your Front Door to uPVC

There is a plethora of fabulous benefits to upgrading your front door to a stylish and durable uPVC alternative from an established and experienced company such as doors Brierley Hill, and, furthermore, such a decision is far more affordable that you may initially think.

uPVC front doors are safe and secure and provide an extra level of security for your family as they are exceedingly difficult to break into. uPVC doors are entirely customisable and can be manufactured to suit even the most unusually designed and unusually structured property.

4.    The Addition of a Porch

Building a porch at the front of your home is another fantastic way of enhancing the exterior of your property.

A porch provides your home with a highly valuable, extra level of security and a cleverly constructed porch with robust and closed windows and high performing locks will bring peace of mind to you and your family.

5.    Hire the Services of a Landscape Gardener

An experienced and passionate landscape gardener will spend copious amounts of time designing and planning your front garden to make the most of your front garden and significantly increase curb appeal of your property.

Professional landscape gardeners will ensure your front garden is transformed within your designated budget and will be able to use their contacts within the industry to navigate the best deals on design elements. These professionals will also ensure the project is completed to the higheststandards and quality and ensure your garden is transformed within the required timeframe.

Now the only question left of answer is: Which of these five options is best suited to your situation?


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