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4 Ways You Can Help Your Kid Get Interested In History!

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Knowing about the past and developing a thorough understanding of the historical world is essential for our kids to comprehend how the market economy, societal norms, cultures, and backgrounds have evolved. History defines the detailed picture of the world and its discipline that was the people’s moral support. In modern times, students often find History a boring subject that requires them to remember important war dates or mug up a thesis to portray their memorization skills. This makes the subject quite monotonous and slow in comparison to other subjects. As parents, it becomes your moral duty to help your little one understand History and develop a liking towards this discipline. 

Before you dive into that task, it is necessary to know the root cause- why your child lacks interest in the subject? Let’s discuss that once in brief – 

  • History is a boring subject – Let’s admit it- History classes are way too dull than any other subject class. It could be because of how it is taught- reading from the books and almost everything is theoretical. Long lectures involve sitting for hours and having an open mind to grasp everything that’s been taught. 
  • The subject involves learning about the dead – History most often includes briefs about the past people- kings and emperors who have ruled countries, nations, and all about them. These topics usually do not become information to learn because students might not be interested to know who ruled a nation a hundred thousand years back, which now might have become an advanced state. 
  • Remembering dates and places – History is all about memorizing important dates. These ruling places were a part of the traditional History, to mug them up at the time of examinations. The bigger picture is not portrayed to the students, that History could open gates of new opportunities for them in terms of graduation and degree courses to support their careers. 

Now that you have seen how boring History could be, its time to get familiar with the ways you can help your child grow interested in the subject and instill its importance – 

  1. Visit historical landmarks with them – Well, it’s too common to take your children to exciting picnics or adventure parks, it’s high time parents should encourage their children to visit the historical places in their city, embrace the unknown History and compare them with the modern-day amenities they have. Historical landmarks reinforce a child’s learning potential, and you can avail written documents to discover new things from the past. Visiting historical museums answered many of their potential questions about History, and soon it becomes a recreational trip for them.
  • Watch historical films – The cinematic world encourages its younger-aged audience to watch historical movies, documentaries, and web shows to develop their liking towards the ancient past of our world. Watching these films might be a challenge at first, but once you start watching them, you’d be attracted and curious to know everything about it. It also helps you to drive your mindset on the cultural norms of people from the past and how, from thereon, societies have developed and fulfilled. And while watching those films, your understanding of History can enhance which you can reflect or project via your scores. 
  • Link your family history – To let your kid grow their interest in history, you must consider letting them know about your family’s past- start with the Family Tree history like what your grandparents did, how they sustained with those cultural norms, etc. Knowing their family history will foster a sense of identity in your child and boost their interest in learning the family tradition. It also enables them with a sense of identity and how their ancestors have lived in society, their work, etc.
  • Point out historical dates and tell them of their significance – As parents, help them with notable historical dates that have relevant information associated with them and share what is significant with the date like a certain event happened that revolutionized the world or a date of war that was the turning point of the society. Without knowing the significance of historical dates, it would be like mindlessly remembering irrelevant dates for nothing. This would help the children  develop an understanding of what led to the introduction of modern-day technology, how diverse the nation’s culture is, etc. 


Helping your little one know about historical concepts enhances their ideologies towards the operations of society, be it for the past or the modern-day. It further paints the story of where our culture stands today and its relationship with the nation’s people and its culture for more information visit my website Landon Schertz


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