4 Tips to Avoid Sun Damage

Sun damage, also known as photoaging, appears when ultraviolet rays hit an unprotected part of our skin. It affects the deepest layer of the skin, called the dermis; hence it takes years before the damage is seen. The damage is often irreversible once the skin’s DNA has already gone through mutation. 

Preventing Sun Damage

Luckily, with all the research studies and skincare products that have emerged in the market, there are now several ways to prevent sun damage. 

  1. UV Protective Daily Moisturiser

UV protective daily moisturiser is a product that was created specifically for everyday use. This type contains a high level of SPF (Sun Protection factor), which indicates the ability of a product to protect the skin by blocking the sun’s harmful rays. The SPF range begins from 2 to 100, depending on the results conducted by the company in their laboratories. The higher the SPF, the longer it takes for the skin to burn under direct sunlight.

Tip: Use this UV protective daily moisturiser generously on the face 30 minutes before heading out.

  1. UV Sunscreens

While there is confusion between UV moisturizers and sunscreens, the key difference is of these products are their purpose. UV moisturizers prevent dryness in the skin, and UV sunscreens offer a higher degree of sun protection. After applying a layer of moisturizer, the second layer of sunscreen would be most ideal.

Tip: Choose a broad-spectrum type that covers both UVA and UVB and is water-resistant.

  1. Limit sun exposure.

Limiting sun exposure may seem like a piece of obvious advice, but some people forget that the timeframe when the sun rays are most harmful are between ten in the morning until four in the afternoon. This is when the sunburn-causing rays are the strongest, and it would be best to avoid going out during this time. The window hours before this timeframe is good for the skin and is the best time to get vitamin D. Toddlers who need sun exposure are also advised by paediatricians to go out outside this timeframe to avoid damage to their sensitive skin.

  1. Choose an outfit and accessory wisely.

Going out during a hot summer day could be the best time to take out an umbrella or wear a hat. These will provide some shade on the face and the body and minimize the rays that will hit the skin. 

There are also types of clothing now certified to have UV protection and have SPF ratings on them. This is not only exclusive to swimwear but workout clothes and even normal shirts. The colour is also an important factor to consider – darker colours offers higher protection than lighter colours. 

Sunglasses are also part of the accessories that are essential in protecting the body from sun damage. UV rays increase the risk of having cataracts and damages the soft skin surrounding the eyes, which is the main cause of wrinkles. There are several options to choose from in buying the perfect pair of sunglasses. It is best to choose a pair that offers protection against UVA and UVB. 

Although these products are easily accessible, the application process would be the key to achieving the best result. A generous amount of application without forgetting parts of the skin would go a long way. is also important to reapply sunscreen throughout the day as it may get washed off with sweat or water. 

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